Picture of  Chris Arnold

Chris Arnold Clinical Assistant Professor

Picture of Brian Bandy

Brian Bandy Professor

Assistant Dean, Division of Nutrition and Dietetics

Picture of Shawna  Berenbaum

Shawna Berenbaum Emeritus Professor


Picture of  Stephanie  Cook

Stephanie Cook Clinical Assistant Professor

Picture of  Sarah Crawford

Sarah Crawford Sessional Lecturer

Picture of  Karen Davis

Karen Davis Sessional Lecturer

Picture of  Natasha Haskey

Natasha Haskey Clinical Assistant Professor

Picture of  Chantal Issel

Chantal Issel Nutrition Practice Coordinator

Picture of  Megan Koo

Megan Koo Clinical Assistant Professor

Picture of Melissa Lam

Melissa Lam MEd (c), PMDip, RD Sessional Lecturer

Picture of  Cathy Langdon

Cathy Langdon Food & Nutrition Lab Co ordinator

Picture of Poppy Lowe

Poppy Lowe Nutrition Professional Skills Coordinator

Picture of  Roseann Nasser

Roseann Nasser Clinical Assistant Professor

Picture of  Willow Padbury

Willow Padbury Sessional Lecturer

Picture of  Rebekah Sandhu

Rebekah Sandhu Sessional Lecturer

Picture of  Geoffrey Svenkeson

Geoffrey Svenkeson Sessional Lecturer

Picture of  Heather Tulloch

Heather Tulloch Nutrition Practice Coordinator (on leave)

Picture of  Kristen Vandenameele

Kristen Vandenameele Sessional Lecturer

Picture of Hassan Vatanparast

Hassan Vatanparast Professor

Joint Appointment with the School of Public Health

Picture of  Carrie Verishagen

Carrie Verishagen Director, Eat Well Saskatchewan

Picture of  Sharon Walker

Sharon Walker Clinical Assistant Professor