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Carol Henry Associate Professor

Assistant Dean, Division of Nutrition

E3106 Health Sciences


Associate Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics
Assistant Dean, Division of Nutrition and Dietetics

Dr. Henry joined the college in January 2000. She is a member of Canadian Society for Studies in Education, Dietitians of Canada, and American Dietetic Association. She teaches the undergraduate courses Quantity Food Production and Service and Organization and Management of Foodservice Systems and team teaches the graduate course Advances in Human Nutrition Research.

Research Interests
School health – child nutrition, children’s literacy and health, adolescent health.
Community health – consumer literacy and health, and food security.
Food systems – technologies and food service delivery systems.
Global health – organization of health service workers, international development and partnerships.

Recent Publications

  • AC Roba, Gabriel-Micheal K, Zello GA, Jaffe J, Whiting SJ, and Henry CJ,  2015. A Low Pulse Food Intake May Contribute to the Poor Nutritional Status and Low Dietary Intakes of Adolescent Girls in Rural Southern Ethiopia. Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 54(3): 240-254.
  • C Henry, SJ Whiting, T Phillips, SL Finch, GA Zello, and H Vatanparast, 2015. Impact of the removal of chocolate milk from school milk programs for children in Saskatoon, Canada. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. 40(3):245-250. Link
  • ST Kerpan, ML Humbert and CJ Henry, 2015. Determinants of Diet for Urban Aboriginal Youth: Implications for Health Promotion. Health Promotion Practice. 16: 392-400.
  • C Negash, T Belachew, CJ Henry, A Kebebu, A Abegaz, and SJ Whiting, 2014. Nutrition education and introduction of broad bean–based complementary food improves knowledge and dietary practices of caregivers and nutritional status of their young children in Hula, Ethiopia. Food and Nutrition Bulletin, 35(4): 480-486. Link
  • G Berhuna, A Mesfin, A Kebebu, SJ Whiting, and CJ Henry, 2014. A Low Pulse Food Intake Contributes to the Poor Nutritional Status and Low Dietary Intakes of Adolescent Girls in Rural Southern Ethiopia. African Journal of Food Science, 8(4), 190-195. Link
  • CJ Henry, D Ramdath, SJ White and S Mangroo, 2013. Engaging Youth in Creating a Healthy School Environment: A Photovoice Strategy. Journal of International Education Research, 9(1), 97-106. Link
  • J. Bilinski, C. Henry, L. Humbert and P. Spriggs, 2013. The Connection between Psychosocial Health, Health Behaviours and the Environment in Rural Children. Child Indicators Research 6(4): 659-672.
  • A Kebebu, SJ Whiting, WJ Dahl, CJ Henry, 2013. Formulation of a complementary food fortified with broad beans (Vicia faba) in southern Ethiopia. African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development, 13(3). Link