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Shawna Berenbaum Professor

E3106 Health Sciences


Dr. Berenbaum joined the College in 1988. She is a professional dietitian and belongs to Dietitians of Canada and the Saskatchewan Dietitians Association. She is a member of the Canadian and Saskatchewan Public Health Associations (SPHA) and the Society for Nutrition Education. Dr. Berenbaum is Director of the Saskatchewan Community Nutrition Residency Program and the Nutrition Resource and Volunteer Centre.  She also teacheds undergraduate courses in Professional Practice, Community Nutrition and Nutrition Program Planning and Evaluation; team teaches the graduate course Advances in Human Nutrition.


Community/public health nutrition; nutrition education; program planning and evaluation; resource development; continuing professional education; trend tracking; futures research; and dietetic standards.

Recent research studies have involved tracking trends in dietetics/nutrition field; nutrition entrepreneurship in Canada; food security issues in preschool population, dietetic mentorship and professional standards.


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