EL Office Staff

Picture of  Angela Friesen

Angela Friesen Administrative Assistant

Contact Angela with questions, feedback, and concerns regarding CORE ELMS, stipends, and general program information.

Picture of  Arlene Dies

Arlene Dies BSP, GCert Experiential Learning Coordinator

Contact Arlene with questions, feedback, and concerns with year 4, site contracts, scheduling inquiries, and placement offers.

Picture of  Jenna Anderson

Jenna Anderson BSP, CDE Experiential Learning Coordinator

Jenna is currently on leave, returning December 2023. Please contact Taylor Raiche.

Picture of  Kirsten Bazylak

Kirsten Bazylak BSP Associate Director of Experiential Learning

Contact Kirsten with any questions, feedback, student concerns, or any concerns regarding Experiential Learning in general.

Picture of  Taylor Raiche

Taylor Raiche BSP, ACPR Experiential Learning Coordinator

Contact Taylor with questions, feedback, and concerns about year 1, 2, and 3, preceptor training and development, service learning, and interprofessional activities.