Research Groups

Drug Discovery and Development Research Group

Pharmaceutical, nutritional, and molecular sciences expertise with an aim to develop effective and sustainable therapeutic strategies for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease.

Vatanparast Nutritional Epidemiology Lab (VNEL)

VNEL evaluates dietary intake data to assess the impacts on health outcomes for different population groups and strives to provide researchers and students with meaningful assistance in the research field and build capacity in new professionals.

Neuroscience Research Cluster

The activities of our clinician and basic neuroscience researchers are focused on obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the development, structure and function of the nervous system. 

Flow Cytometry User Group

Promotes the use of flow cytometry as a research tool by supporting the development of technical expertise and applications within the U of S research community.  

The Core Mass Spectrometry Facility

Works to support research in which mass spectrometry plays a major role. 

CRIS - Cannabinoid Research Initiative of Saskatchewan

 An interdisciplinary research team that aims to obtain scientific evidence about the application of cannabinoids and cannabis derivatives to humans and animals, for health, disease and disorders.

Krol Research Group

Studies the protective properties of flaxseed ligans and reactive intermediates.

Food and Nutrition Lab

This 3000 sq foot space contains a food preparation lab as well as separate dry and cold storage, student change rooms and classroom space. 

Haddadi Research Group

Develops new biomedical and pharmaceutical nanotechnology strategies to achieve the critical issues in cancer chemo-immunotherapy. 

Sask OTC Video Suite

A collection of videos about minor ailments and their treament