This is a living document, which is consistently being updated for accuracy.
The following handbook is designed not to be authoritative, but as a guide for users. 

Welcome to the College Information Handbook for Faculty and Staff of the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition. Our institution is dedicated to making a positive impact on the health of individuals and communities by nurturing competent and compassionate pharmacy and nutrition professionals. This handbook serves as a comprehensive guide, providing essential information and resources to support our esteemed faculty and staff in their crucial roles. At the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, we recognize the invaluable contributions made by our faculty and staff members. Your dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence play a vital role in shaping the future of healthcare. To assist you in your endeavors, we have compiled a wide range of resources that will aid in your daily tasks, enhance your teaching capabilities, and empower you to provide outstanding support to our students.

All readers and students are advised that the matters dealt with in the handbook are subject to continuing review and revision. This handbook does not supersede the College Academic Policies Document or the University Catalogue, which is the University’s major regulatory publication. The University Catalogue includes admission procedures and deadlines, academic regulations, programs of study, academic standards, degree requirements, and general University policies and codes.

College Contact Information

College Office: 2A20.1 A-Wing Health Sciences

Hours: Monday – Friday; 8:15 am to 12:15 pm and 1:00 to 4:30 pm
Phone: 306-966-6327    Fax: 306-966-6377
Address: 107 Wiggins Road, Saskatoon, SK S7N 5E5

College Office Staff

  • Simone Downer (College and Graduate Affairs Assistant)
  • Gen Clark (Research Facilitator)
  • Jessica Knoop (Academic Advisor, Undergraduate Affairs)
  • Diane Favreau (Administrative Officer, Undergraduate Affairs)
  • Erin Wrubleski (Financial and Administrative Support, Dean's Office)
  • Sandy Knowles (Executive Assistant to the Dean)
  • Jason Belhumeur (Communications and Alumni Relations Specialist, Dean's Office)
  • Kris Dancey (Advancement Officer, Dean's Office)
  • Sarah Valois (Strategic Business Advisor, Finance)
  • Kathleen Howell (Strategic Business Advisor, Human Resources)

Senior Leadership

  • Dr. Jane Alcorn (Dean)
  • Dr. Charity Evans (Associate Dean Academic)
  • Dr. David Blackburn (Associate Dean Research and Graduate Studies)
  • Dr. Brian Bandy (Assistant Dean, Nutrition and Dietetics)
  • Dr. Anas El-Aneed (Assistant Dean, Pharmacy)

Message from the Dean

Dear Faculty and Staff,

The College of Pharmacy and Nutrition Information Handbook contains information on college governance and structure and summaries of College policies and procedures with specific emphasis on equity, diversity, and inclusion principles. A link to the College’s Strategic Plan is contained herein and information regarding the monitoring of the college strategic plan can be made available if requested. The College Information Handbook offers faculty and staff a quick reference resource and everyone is encouraged to have ready access to the handbook, either by download to their computers or through a saved link located on the college website.

We intend to update the handbook yearly and we encourage your suggestions and comments in regard to the material contained within this handbook, as well as recommendations on policy revisions.


Jane Alcorn, DVM, PhD
Professor and Dean of Pharmacy and Nutrition

College Structure

The college organizational chart serves as a visual representation of the college's administrative structure, outlining the relationships and reporting lines between different departments, units, and positions. By clearly defining roles, responsibilities, and the chain of command, an organizational chart helps promote effective communication, decision-making, and accountability within the college. It allows staff, faculty, and students to identify key points of contact, and navigate the college's administrative processes more efficiently. Use this to facilitate effective resource allocation, coordination of efforts, and strategic planning, enabling the college to operate smoothly and achieve its educational and institutional goals.

Overall, a college organizational chart plays a crucial role in fostering transparency, efficiency, and effective management within the institution.

Click on the below chart to open a separate PDF to download.

Organization Chart

org chart



College Divisions and Service Units

For full listings, contact the Dean's Office Administrative Assistant or find an individual under the Our People section in the nagivation pane.

Committee/Division Structure Overview

Committee/Division Structure Overview

College Governance

The college governance structure refers to the system and framework by which our college operates and makes decisions. This shows the distribution of authority, responsibility, and decision-making processes within the institution. The primary reason for having a college governance structure is to provide a formal framework for organizing the college's various committees and units. It establishes lines of authority and reporting, defining roles and responsibilities at different levels of the institution.

College Governance Structure
Governance Structure

Faculty Council Bylaws
Faculty Council Bylaws

Committee Memberships
For information on memberships, please contact the relevent committee Chair. Committee Chair list

Governance Committee
This committee governs a collaborative and effective academic environment by meticulously reviewing and guiding the various committees within our college, ensuring their alignment with institutional goals, promoting transparency, and cultivating a culture of continuous improvement to elevate the overall educational experience for our students and stakeholders. Governance Committee TOR

College Forum
This committee aims to foster a dynamic and inclusive college community by establishing a forum that serves as a platform for sharing vital information and engaging in thoughtful discussions on matters crucial to the collective growth and well-being of our college community. Through open dialogue and collaboration, we aim to cultivate a vibrant environment that empowers every member to contribute to the enhancement of our college experience. College Forum TOR

College Committee
College Committee TOR - Coming soon!

Strategic Planning and Implementation Committee
This committee helps guide the development and executtion of a comprehensive strategic plan that aligns with the university's vision, fosters innovation, and ensures academic excellence, thereby advancing the overall mission and goals of the college. Strategic Planning and Implementation Committee TOR

Internationalization Initiatives Committee
Empowering our college community through strategic global engagement, this committee fosters a diverse and inclusive learning environment, cultivating cross-cultural competence and enriching academic and co-curricular experiences for students, faculty, and staff alike. Internationalization Initiatives Committee TOR

Indigenous Initiatives Committee
This committee works to highlight and advance Indigenous voices, cultures, and perspectives within our college community through inclusive programs, educational initiatives, and collaborative efforts that enhance a supportive and respectful environment for all. Indigenous Initiatives Committee TOR

Nominations Committee
The Nominations Committee will nominate Faculty Council committee memberships and their Chairs and will recommend membership for other College Committees. These recommendations will be approved by Faculty Council. Nominations Committee TOR

Division of Pharmacy Committee
The Division of Pharmacy Committee is dedicated to promoting excellence in pharmaceutical education, professionalism, and practice, ensuring the highest standards in curriculum development, faculty engagement, and student success. Division of Pharmacy Committee TOR

Division of Nutrition and Dietetics Committee
The Division of Nutrition and Dietetics Committee is dedicated to cultivating excellence in nutrition and dietetics education, professionalism, and practice, within the field to empower students for successful careers in promoting health and well-being. Division of Nutrition and Dietetics Committee TOR

Pharmacy Program Advisory Committee (PPAC)
The PPAC is responsible for all matters related to the design, development, implementation, and review of the Undergraduate PharmD program. They are dedicated to enhancing pharmaceutical education by providing strategic guidance, industry insights, and collaborative input to ensure the program's continued growth and relevance in the ever-evolving field of pharmacy. PPAC TOR

Nutrition and Dietetics Program Advisory Committee (NPAC)
The NPAC is responsible for all matters related to the design, development, implementation, and review of the Undergraduate Nutrition and Dietetics program. They serve as a collaborative and strategic body, providing invaluable insights and guidance to ensure the program's curriculum remains current, relevant, and aligned with industry standards, fostering the development of well-rounded professionals in the field of nutrition and dietetics. NPAC TOR

Nutrition Program Committee (NPC)
This committee follows contractually agreed upon responsibilities as set in the TOR, specific to clinical placements, affiliation agreements, curriculum development, admissions, and year 4 site placements. NPC TOR 

Safety Committee
Safety Committee TOR - Coming soon!

Wellness Advisory Committee
Wellness Advisory Committee TOR - Coming soon!

Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee (UAAC)
The Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for academic oversight and directs the college’s academic affairs on matters ranging from degrees, scholarships and programs to evaluation, academic integrity, and admissions. UAAC TOR

Undergraduate Academic Misconduct Subcommitttee
Undergraduate Academic Misconduct Subcommitttee TOR - Coming soon!

Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Subcommittee
Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Subcommittee TOR - Coming soon!

Undergraduate Admissions Subcommittee
Undergraduate Admissions Subcommittee TOR - Coming soon!

Research, Graduate, and Postdoctoral Affairs Committee (RGPAC)
The RGPAC is responsible for oversight of the graduate programs and directs the college’s graduate affairs on matters ranging from degrees, scholarships and programs to evaluation, academic integrity, and admissions. The committee also supports postdoctoral fellows. RGPAC TOR

Graduate Scholarships and Award Subcommittee
Graduate Scholarships and Award Subcommittee TOR - Coming soon!

Infrastructure and Grants Subcommittee
Infrastructure and Grants Subcommittee TOR - Coming soon!

Professionalism Panel
Professionalism Panel TOR - Coming soon!

College Strategic Plan

Strategic Directions and Vision, Mission, and Values
College Strategic Plan

College Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Accessibility (EDIA)
Visit our college EDIA webpage. - Coming soon!
Visit the Usask EDIA webpage.
Visit our college Equity Library.

College Indigenous Initiatives
Visit our college Indigenous Initiatives webpage.

College Support Policies and Procedures

As part of our commitment to effective communication and streamlined operations, we have established policies and procedures--as well as linking to ConnectionPoints KnowledgeBase--to ensure that all members of our academic community are well-informed and connected. By utilizing these informational procedures, we aim to create a collaborative and informed community that contributes to the overall success of our institution. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to the designated contact persons or consult the provided documentation.

Coming soon!

Who-To-Go-To List

College Contact List
This list if only available to internal college faculty and staff. To receive a copy of this list, please contact college admin or request access to the OneDrive.

IT Support
     How do I contact IT Support?
     IT Knowledge Base

Technology Assessment (TAC) - Required when a new software needs to be purchased an installed on a Usask computer/laptop, prior to the purchase.

IT Requisitions - Required for any computer, equipment, software, etc purchases using Usask funds.

Computer Renewals - For information on our computer renewal process, please contact our College IT Coordinator.

College Newsletters - From the Desk of the Dean

Spring 2023 Fall 2023
Summer 2023 Winter 2024

Branding and Visual Identity - The following items can be found on our Branding and Visual Identity OneDrive:

  • College logo (color)
  • College logo (black/white)
  • College letterhead
  • Powerpoint template
  • Color coding

To access, click here.

Questions regarding college communications, social media content, and branding can be directed to our Communications and Alumni Relations Specialist.

University of Saskatchewan Policies and Procedures
View the Usask Policies and Procedures webpage.

Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Usask Employee Agreements

ASPA (Administrative) - Agreement

CUPE 1975 (Clerical) - Agreement

CUPE 3287 (Sessionals) - Agreement

     Exempt - Agreement
     Non-Unionized - Agreement

     Graduate Students - Agreement
     Postdoctorates - Agreement

RDOS (Research) - Agreement

USFA (Faculty) - Agreement

For more information on collective agreements, please contact your HR SBA.

For Graduate and Postdoctoral job descriptions, please email the College Graduate Administrator.

For all other job descriptions, please email the Executive Assistant to the Dean.

Financial Policies, Procedures, and Resources

The following are some of the financial resources available for faculty and staff to utilize. This section aims to empower faculty and staff with the necessary information to navigate and optimize their financial activities within the university setting.

Any information you think should be listed in the following section, please provide suggestions to the Deans Office Administrative Assistant.

How to find the proper way to pay for goods or services


Service Income Requisitions

Cultural Service Provider Payments

Pay a Company
     General information

Gift Card Policies - Gift cards are only allowed as prize for a random draw or for research participants in a project with ethics approval
  Can I give a gift card as an honorarium payment?
     Are gift cards an allowable expense on a PCard?
     Can I be reimbursed for a gift card?

Click below to see a list of Procurement resources.

Coming soon!

Undergraduate Programs

PharmD Program - Coming soon!

Nutrition BSc Program - Coming soon!

PharmD Program - Coming soon!

Nutrition BSc Program - Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Graduate Programs

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Postdoctoral Fellows

Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Faculty Relations

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Commonly Used Forms and Templates


Need to claim kilometers used for business-related travel in a personal vehicle? Vehicle Kilometer Log
Planning a business-related trip and need to get approval? Authority to Travel Form
Back from a business-related trip and need to submit a claim for your expenses? Travel Expense Claim form

Expense Claims

Don't have to original receipt for an expense claim? Declaration of Lost or Misplaced Supporting Documentation Form


Need to pay a vendor/external invoice with direct deposit?  Don't forget you will also need a copy of their banking details (copy of void cheque or pre-authorization form). Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Application for Vendors form
Need to pay someone outside of Canada?  Don't forget you will also need a copy of their banking details (copy of void cheque or pre-authorization form). Wire Transfer Form
Need to get access to specific funds and/or org codes in FAST/Banner, etc? Banner Finance Access Control Form
Need to pay a recipient of an honorarium, cultural service, or service income?  Don't forget you will also need a copy of their banking details (copy of void cheque or pre-authorization form). Direct deposit form for honorarium recipients, cultural service providers, and service income payees
Need to deposit a donation cheque? Gift transmittal form (for donations)


Human Resources

Need to create a letter of offer? Offer letter templates
Need to create an extension letter? Extension letter templates
Need to hire a sessional lecturer (CUPE 3287) but don't want to post the job? Posting waiver form
Need to gather more information from your new hire? Personal Data Form
Need to update a name? Name Change Form
Need to refer an employee to Wellness Services? Wellness Referral Form
Need to get your new employees tax information? TD1 and TD1SK
Need to set up your new employees direct deposit information? Don't forget you will also need a copy of their banking details (copy of void cheque or pre-authorization form). Employee Direct Deposit Form


Need to pay participants of a research study? Only applicable to projects with Ethics approval. Research Participants Funding Requisition form

Handbook Suggestions

Any suggestions for the College Information Handbook can be submitted via our Virtual Suggestion Box. Please keep your submissions professional, equitable, and inclusive.

Any errors found in this handbook can be sent to the Deans Office Administrative Assistant.