Picture of Phyllis Paterson

Phyllis Paterson Professor

GD30.2 Health Sciences

Dr. Paterson is a principal investigator at the CAMECO MS Neuroscience Research Center and a member of the Neuroscience Research Cluster at the University of Saskatchewan.

Research Interests
Stroke, a reduction in blood flow to a region of the brain, is a major cause of disability. Novel treatment strategies are urgently needed, and the potential influence of nutritional status is often neglected. Thus, my laboratory is studying the effects of clinically relevant nutritional states on the extent of brain damage and disability caused by a stroke and the underlying mechanisms. Our most recent research interests are to investigate how nutrition can enhance recovery mechanisms and rehabilitation strategies after stroke. As part of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research/Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada Team in Synchrotron Medical Imaging, I am also developing synchrotron-based imaging of brain biochemistry that is linked to recovery of function following stroke.

Teaching Responsibilities
Undergraduate course in Clinical Nutrition; team teaches the graduate course Advances in Human Nutritional Sciences Research.