College of Pharmacy and Nutrition


Dr. Phyllis Paterson joined the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan in 1989 after obtaining a Ph.D. in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Guelph, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute in Toronto. She is also a member of the Neuroscience Research Cluster and a Principal Investigator with the Cameco MS Neuroscience Research Center.


Dr. Paterson’s research program addresses how nutrition can be used to enhance recovery and reduce disability after stroke, and by what mechanisms.  Within a team of researchers, she also develops and applies synchrotron-based spectroscopic imaging of brain biochemistry following stroke. This technology is being applied to questions surrounding the limited ability of the brain to spontaneously recover after a stroke and how nutritional and rehabilitation strategies can interact to enhance functional outcome.

Selected Publications

M.J. Pushie, A. Hollings, J. Reinhardt, S. M. Webb, V. Lam, R. Takechi, J. C. Mamo, P. G. Paterson, M. E. Kelly, G. N. George, I. J. Pickering and M. J. Hackett, 2020. Sample preparation with sucrose cryoprotection dramatically alters Zn distribution in the rodent hippocampus, as revealed by elemental mapping. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 35: 2498-2508.

L.K. Matwee, M. Alaverdashvili, G.D. Muir, J.P. Farthing , S.A. Bater, and P.G. Paterson, 2020. Preventing protein-energy malnutrition after cortical stroke enhances recovery of symmetry in forelimb use during spontaneous exploration. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism 45: 1015-1021.

M.J. Hackett, A. Hollings, S. Caine, B.E. Bewer, M. Alaverdashvili, R. Takechi, J.C.L. Mamo, M.W.M. Jones, M.D. de Jonge, P.G. Paterson, I.J. Pickering and G.N. George, 2019. Elemental characterization of the pyramidal neuron layer within the rat and mouse hippocampus. Metallomics 11: 151 -165.

M. Alaverdashvili, S. Caine, X. Li, M.J. Hackett, M.P. Bradley, H. Nichol, and P.G. Paterson, 2018. Protein-energy malnutrition exacerbates stroke-induced forelimb abnormalities and dampens neuroinflammation. Translational Stroke Research 9: 622-630.

M. Alaverdashvili, M.J. Hackett, S. Caine, and P.G. Paterson, 2017. Parallel changes in cortical neuron biochemistry and motor function in adult protein-energy malnutrition. NeuroImage 149: 275-284.

M.J. Hackett, P.G. Paterson, I.J. Pickering, and G.N. George, 2016.  Imaging taurine in the central nervous system using chemically specific x-ray fluorescence imaging at the sulfur K-edge. Analytical Chemistry 88, 10916-10924.