Indigenous Initiatives in the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition

In an era of increasing awareness and recognition of Indigenous rights and cultures, establishing an Indigenous Initiatives Committee within a college has become a crucial step towards fostering inclusivity, equity, and understanding. This committee plays a pivotal role in acknowledging and respecting the unique perspectives, histories, and contributions of Indigenous communities.

By creating a platform for dialogue, education, and empowerment, the committee works to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, staff, and faculty, while promoting the revitalization and preservation of Indigenous knowledge, languages, and traditions. Through its initiatives, the committee not only enriches the college community but also contributes to the broader process of decolonization, reconciliation, and building a more equitable society.


Join Us

We extend a warm and inclusive invitation to all members of our college community to join our vibrant committee. We value diversity and believe that every individual has something unique to contribute.

By becoming a part of our committee, you will have the opportunity to actively engage in shaping the college experience for yourself and your fellow students. Your ideas, perspectives, and talents are highly valued and will help us foster a thriving community that supports and uplifts one another.

Whether you are a student, faculty member, or staff member, we encourage you to join us. Together, we can create a positive impact, organize meaningful events, and address important issues that affect our college community.


The Indigenous Initiatives Committee is accountable to the Senior Leadership Team through the existing reporting structure and to the peoples and communities impacted by the Committee’s work, including Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, staff, and faculty for the next seven generations, in accordance with traditional teachings.


  1. Identify Indigenous initiatives that could be undertaken by undergraduate and graduate students, staff, and faculty

  2. Liaise with Indigenous activities at the U of S to support the implementation of strategic initiatives

  3. Ensure the College strategic plan aligns with the University of Saskatchewan Indigenous Strategy 'ohpahotân I oohpaahotaan' and the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action

  4. Make decisions on awards from the Indigenous Activities Fund

  5. Establish working groups as needed to support the Indigenous Initiatives Committee

  6. Develop and review policies and procedures for the Indigenous Initiatives Committee

Committee Members

  Jena Boyko, Co-Chair
Jason Perepelkin, Co-Chair
Julia Bareham
Jason Belhumeur
Carmen Bell
Hannah Bouvier
Ryan Chan
Alex Crawley

Erin Fedusiak
Taylor Fergel
Jannica Hoskins
Jess Knoop
Brittainy Laing Swan
Marlys LeBras
Marlin Legare
Kerry Mansell

Sasha Merasty
Blake Novecosky
Taylor Raiche
Yvonne Shevchuk
Liz Thompson
Hassan Vatanparast
Lily Xu

ohpahotân I oohpaahotaan

The University of Saskatchewan Indigenous Strategy

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