Rahul Jain is pursuing a Master of Science in Pharmacy under the supervision of Dr. Roy Dobson. He earned his Bachelor of Pharmacy at Rajiv Gandhi Technical University in India with special distinctions in core pharmacy courses. In 2013-14 and 2014-15, Rahul received Ford Postgraduate Scholarship awards for academic excellence in his studies related to community pharmacy.


Rahul’s research project explores the experiences of Saskatchewan community pharmacists with prescriptive authority services regarding level 1 and minor ailment prescribing. In Canada, the ability of pharmacists to prescribe in a community setting has increased considerably in recent years. Pharmacists in Saskatchewan are also eligible to prescribe for level 1 and for 16 minor ailment conditions. In acquiring this new prescribing authority, the community pharmacist also assumes new responsibilities, as well as new expectations and demands. The primary focus of Rahul’s research is to assess the impact of prescriptive authority services on the workload and relationships of community pharmacists.

Rahul is currently writing up and expecting to defend his thesis by the summer. He plans to get some work experience before starting a PhD in the field of health care management.


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Conference Abstracts

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