Calista Fendelet - Jane Alcorn, Dean - Photo: Jason Belhumeur

Mitakye Owasin Award 2024

Congratulations to Calista Fendelet citizen of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan

By Jason Belhumeur

CalistaCalista Fendelet

Second Year Pharmacy Student
Doctor of Pharmacy program

Citizen of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan

Before entering this program, Calista received her Bachelor in Science majoring in Physiology and Pharmacology with a minor in Psychology at the UofS.

"I think empowering and supporting Indigenous students to pursue careers in healthcare is essential to integrate our unique perspectives into improving the quality of patient-care while eliminating barriers in the healthcare system, creating a positive impact for everyone. That’s why I’m grateful and appreciative for scholarship opportunities like this." Calista stated.

"As of right now my goal is to pursue a career in hospital pharmacy. After working at Royal University Hospital last summer I was inspired by the hospital pharmacists I worked with, witnessing the display of their knowledge and compassion in such a fast-paced environment. Although, I like to stay open-minded as I learn and experience the many different areas of pharmacy practice."

About Jarron Yee, and the Mitakye Owasin Award in Pharmacy

The Mitakye Owasin Award in Pharmacy is made possible by the generous donation of alumnus Jarron Yee (BSP '06). Beginning in the 2022-2023 academic year, the Mitakye Owasin Award in Pharmacy is an annual award of $1,500 open to Indigenous students in the college pursuing their PharmD degree.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Saskatchewan in 2006, Jarron has been serving the city of Regina and surrounding area with compounding services since 2010, when he opened the Northgate Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy. A member of the Wood Mountain First Nation in south-central Saskatchewan, Jarron is proud of his Indigenous culture and is committed to providing opportunities to Indigenous youth by establishing the Mitakye Owasin Award in Pharmacy which translates to “We are All Related” in Lakota.

A passionate advocate for education, Jarron recognizes Indigenous youth are underrepresented in higher education and hopes his role in the community will help young people understand the benefits of education. As the first Indigenous owner and operator of a pharmacy in Saskatchewan, Jarron’s particular interest lies in Indigenous entrepreneurship and is committed to mentoring young staff when it comes to being an entrepreneur and a pharmacist.