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Introducing the new Master of Clinical Pharmacy program in Psychiatry

Focused on independent clinical practice, leadership roles, teaching, and mentoring roles

By Jason Belhumeur

Saskatoon, SK – The University of Saskatchewan's College of Pharmacy and Nutrition has launched a new Master of Clinical Pharmacy (MCP) program, specializing in Psychiatry. Designed for practicing pharmacists, this innovative program aims to enhance skills in mental health care.

The College of Pharmacy and Nutrition student website has more information outlining the program and listing the prerequisites to qualify. Interested students can also see the program at a glance and a list of reasons to apply

Introduced by Associate Professor Katelyn Halpape and Professor David Blackburn, the two-year program begins with online courses that build on foundational knowledge in clinical pharmacy, including a unique psychopharmacotherapy course. It progresses to hands-on clinical rotations in various psychiatric settings under expert guidance.

Professor Blackburn noted, "Our program is unique because of its specialized training in advanced psychiatric pharmacy. We have highly experienced clinicians in Saskatchewan who will model the knowledge and skills required to care for people living with mental health conditions across a wide spectrum of practice settings.

The program also emphasizes leadership and also requires students to complete a research project in psychiatry under the supervision of an experienced faculty member. Students will be supported to publish their findings and present their work at conferences. Additionally, students will gain experience in teaching and mentoring, preparing them for broader roles in healthcare education.

I am very excited about this program. It has been a personal aspiration of mine to develop a specialized curriculum to equip pharmacists with advanced competencies in psychiatric pharmacy practice. Given the current mental health challenges facing Canada and the shortage of trained clinicians, this program is strategically positioned to address these gaps by empowering pharmacists with the requisite knowledge and skills.”  said Professor Katelyn Halpape.

Affordably priced at under $8,000 CAD per year for domestic students, the program is accessible to pharmacists who have completed a residency or have similar clinical experience. This initiative meets the growing need for specialized knowledge in psychiatric pharmacy, aiming to improve patient care in mental health settings. 



Katelyn Halpape
Associate Professor and MCP Program Director
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist (Psychiatry),
Dube Centre for Mental Health

Phone: 306-966-2814