Dr. Dobson is an associate professor of Social and Administrative Pharmacy and managing director of the MERCURi Research Group. He teaches on a range of topics across the four years of the pharmacy undergraduate program including comparative health systems, pharmacy management, pharmacoeconomics, and health and pharmacy policy.


Dr. Dobson is engaged in a range of research topics including the social role of pharmaceutical companies, interprofessional practice and education, and the role of the pharmacist in primary care. He is also involved in research that considers the larger health care environment, with a particular focus on the work experiences of health care providers and the quality of patient care. 

As co-lead of the MERCURi Research Group, Dr. Dobson is currently conducting a CIHR-funded study in Halifax and Saskatoon on the quality of stroke and acute myocardial infarction care as assessed by both patients and providers. He is also an active member of another interprofessional research team, led by Drs. Thomas Rotter and Donna Goodridge, studying the implementation and impact of LEAN, a quality improvement initiative, in Saskatchewan’s health care system.

Selected Publications

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