College of Pharmacy and Nutrition

About Jason

The Communications and Alumni Relations Specialist provides leadership in the development and implementation of innovative, effective, and reliable internal and external communications strategies in support of the reputation, priorities, and goals of the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition.

College Communications

The College Communications Specialist aims to keep faculty, staff, and the public aware of the latest developments, achievements, and news within our vibrant college community. From faculty and staff spotlights that illuminate the remarkable work of our dedicated team to research highlights showcasing the cutting-edge contributions of our academic community, this newsletter is designed to celebrate and share the richness of our collective journey. As we navigate through policy updates, explore upcoming events, and delve into the accomplishments of our students and alumni, Jason Belhumeur, Communications Specialist, encourages fostering a sense of connection and shared success.

College Website

The online hub of the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan. As you explore our website, we invite you to embark on a journey into the heart of our academic community—a place where excellence in education, groundbreaking research, and a commitment to fostering health and well-being converge. Here, you will discover comprehensive information about our academic programs, the esteemed faculty and staff who guide our students, and the vibrant research initiatives that propel our institution to the forefront of innovation. Whether you are a prospective student seeking academic opportunities, a current student navigating your educational path, an alum reminiscing about your time with us, or a visitor curious about our endeavors.

College Social Media

Our social media platforms serve as hubs of information, engagement, and community building. Stay informed with timely announcements on academic events, deadlines, and noteworthy achievements within our college community. Join us in celebrating the successes of our outstanding students and accomplished faculty members through engaging features and spotlights. Our social media channels also provide a window into the heart of our college, offering behind-the-scenes glimpses, and health and wellness tips. Connect with us to stay aware of upcoming events, alumni achievements, and our active involvement in community programs.

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College Photo Gallery

The College of Pharmacy and Nutrition photo gallery offers a glimpse into the heart of our academic community, capturing the essence of our dynamic and thriving environment. Immerse yourself in the events and celebrations. Our photo gallery is a testament to the diverse, inclusive, and thriving community that defines the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the University of Saskatchewan. Explore the visual journey with us, and feel the pulse of our college life through these captivating snapshots.

Alumni Relations

The Alumni Relations Specialist for the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition plays a crucial role in building and maintaining positive relationships between the college and its graduates. The primary focus is on engaging and connecting with alumni to foster a sense of community, support fundraising efforts, and contribute to the overall success and reputation of the college.

Branding and Visual Identity

The Communications Specialist for a College of Pharmacy and Nutrition is responsible for enhancing the institution's credibility through strategic branding and visual identity initiatives. Jason’s role is to articulate the college's core values, creating a consistent visual identity, and apply it across various communication channels. The specialist develops branded collateral, such as templates, letterhead, and branded presentations. He optimizes the college's website, manages social media platforms, and ensures a cohesive and professional presence at events. Additionally, he plays a crucial role in media relations, highlighting faculty expertise and student achievements to build a positive image. Internal communication strategies are employed to align the internal community with the college's brand messaging, fostering pride and unity. Ultimately, the Communications Specialist contributes to making the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition more appealing to prospective students, faculty, and collaborators by effectively communicating its mission, values, and accomplishments.

Indigenous Initiatives Comittee

As a Member and Communications Specialist for the IIC, Jason has created a platform for dialogue, education, and empowerment. The committee works to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, staff, and faculty, while promoting the revitalization and preservation of Indigenous knowledge, languages, and traditions. Through its initiatives, the committee not only enriches the college community but also contributes to the broader process of decolonization, reconciliation, and building a more equitable society. Jason also serves as a Liaison to the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Committee for the College.