Aleta Schellenberg (BSP '15)

Aleta Schellenberg named Preceptor of the Year

The College of Pharmacy and Nutrition is pleased to announce that Aleta Schellenberg (BSP '15) is the recipient of Preceptor of the Year Award for 2018-2019.

By Shauna Gerwing | Experiential Learning Office

This award recognizes a preceptor in the pharmacy program who has made a significant contribution to the education of pharmacy students in the Experiential Learning program.

Aleta works with the Saskatchewan Health Authority in Saskatoon and was recognised for her outstanding knowledge and devotion to advancing the skills and learning of her students.

According to the students she precepted:

  • “Aleta would greet us every morning with a smile on her face and encouragement to make a difference to our patients each day. It was obvious she embraced her role as a preceptor.”
  • “The various methods in which she taught or facilitated learning were engaging and relevant to us specifically in the rotation, and therefore easily applicable and memorable”
  • “Aleta’s compassion is another reason she is such an “above and beyond” preceptor.”
  • “Aleta quickly came to be respected by our group for her knowledge and her amazing skills in helping our learning…She guided us towards independence, encouraged our own critical thinking, and tied it all into how a hospital pharmacist uses those skills to care and advocate for their patients.”

Thank you to all of our preceptors for their continued contribution to the program. We look forward to recog-nizing other exceptional preceptors in the future.