SK Agriculture Funding $209,000

Congratulations to Dr. Randy Purves (PhD)

By Jason Belhumeur

Congratulations Dr. Randy Purves

Exploring biochemical diversity in faba beans

randy purves

Congratulations to Dr. Randy Purves (PhD), Adjunct Professor, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition! Randy is a funding recipient of a $209,000 Saskatchewan Agriculture grant exploring biochemical diversity in faba beans.

The primary objectives of this study are to investigate the biochemical diversity present in faba beans and their seed coats with the aim of uncovering potential added value. This involves characterizing and identifying metabolites in both grain-type faba bean seeds and their seed coats. Furthermore, it aims to characterize and identify metabolites from vegetable-type faba bean seeds and crosses derived from collaborative research. Ultimately, the study seeks to discern significant differences in metabolite profiles across all types of faba bean seeds and seed coats and correlate these findings with biochemical assays, thereby shedding light on the intracacies of the biochemical pathways