Picture of  Jenna Anderson

Jenna Anderson Pharmacy Structured Practice Experiences Coordinator and Instructor

Picture of  Audrey Boensch

Audrey Boensch Clerical Assistant, Administrative and Program Support

Picture of  Jane Cassidy

Jane Cassidy Coordinator, Year 3 and 4 Pharmacy Practice Skills

Picture of  Angela Friesen

Angela Friesen Clerical Assistant, Experiential Education Office

Picture of Kieran Kobitz

Kieran Kobitz Communications and Alumni Relations Specialist

Picture of Eric Landry

Eric Landry Coordinator, Medication Assessment Centre

Picture of  Danielle Larocque

Danielle Larocque Associate Director, Continuing Professional Development for Pharmacy Professionals program

Picture of Poppy Lowe

Poppy Lowe Nutrition Professional Skills Coordinator

Picture of Donna Michasiw

Donna Michasiw Pharmacy Skills Coordinator, Years 1 and 2

Picture of  Jean Oakley

Jean Oakley Graduate Programs & College Administrative Support

Picture of Jill  Oliver

Jill Oliver Strategic Business Advisor (Human Resources)

Picture of  Kevin Riffel

Kevin Riffel Coordinator, Program Evaluation and Assessment

Picture of Dorota Rogowski

Dorota Rogowski Technician, Core Equipment Facility

Picture of Claire Sutton

Claire Sutton College Receptionist and Undergraduate Programs Secretary