Picture of  Yvonne Shevchuk

Yvonne Shevchuk Professor

Associate Dean (Academic) and Director, RxFiles Academic Detailing

E3114 Health Sciences


Dr. Shevchuk joined the College in August 1985.

Teaching Responsibilities

Undergraduate courses in Therapeutics and Drug Information.

Research Interests

Infectious diseases; antibiotic/antimicrobial monitoring; antibiotic pharmacokinetics; antibiotic adverse effects; antibiotic prescribing and utilization; drug literature evaluation; and drug information services.

Recent research studies have involved investigation of initiatives to improve antibiotic prescribing and adherence; a pilot project to compare medication use in pharmacare programs; surveys of consumer use of drug information services; survey of pharmacist use of drug information services; and impact of drug information services on patient clinical outcome.

Recent Publications

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Evans, C.D., Eurich, D.T., Lu, X., Remillard, A.J., Shevchuk, Y.M., Blackburn, D. The association between market availability and adherence to antihypertensive medications: An observational study (2013) American Journal of Hypertension, 26 (2), pp. 180-190.

Evans, C.D., Eurich, D.T., Remillard, A.J., Shevchuk, Y.M., Blackburn, D. First-fill medication discontinuations and nonadherence to antihypertensive therapy: An observational study (2012) American Journal of Hypertension, 25 (2), pp. 195-203.

Evans, C.D., Watson, E., Eurich, D.T., Taylor, J.G., Yakiwchuk, E.M., Shevchuk, Y.M., Remillard, A., Blackburn, D. Diabetes and cardiovascular disease interventions by community pharmacists: A systematic review (2011) Annals of Pharmacotherapy, 45 (5), pp. 615-628.

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Y.M. Shevchuk, 2007. Acute Otitis Media in Children (Chapter 9), Acute Otitis Externa (Chapter 11), Osteomyelitis (Chapter 33), Bacterial Septic Arthritis (Chapter 34). In: Snippets for Snappy Antimicrobial Therapy, A Concise Canadian Guide, Daniel J.G. Thirion (ed.) Publications PRISM Inc.