College of Pharmacy and Nutrition


Manny Papadimitropoulos graduated in Pharmacy from the University of Saskatchewan, and has worked in retail pharmacy, the pharmaceutical industry and academia over the last 30 years. His pharmacy experience has been primarily in health economics, and clinical research. He has a Masters in pharmacy and a PhD in health economic evaluation from the University of Toronto.  Manny is currently the Senior Director, International Health Technology Assessment - Pediatric Immunology, at Eli Lilly and Company.


Manny Papadimitropoulos leads research focused on health outcomes evaluation. He is primarily engaged in the evaluation of clinical outcomes and quality of life data from various data sources to understand which interventions provide good value, and to aid policymakers in making decisions regarding the funding of new interventions. His areas of research expertise are in cost effectiveness analysis and health related quality of life.

Publications (Selected)

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