Picture of Linda Suveges

Linda Suveges Emeritus Professor

CPDP Liaison with the Saskatchewan College of Pharmacists

Thorvaldson 121
Thorvaldson 116.4 (CPDP)


Dr. Suveges has been on the faculty since 1981. She is also responsible for the continuing education programs for pharmacists in Saskatchewan.

Teaching Responsibilities
Undergraduate topics in Pharmacy Practice, Social and Administrative Pharmacy and Communications.

Research Interests
Continuing education for health professionals; pharmacy education; non-prescription medications; consumer behavior; impact of pharmacists’ interventions on patient outcomes (especially self-medication); patient education.

Recent studies have focused on evaluation of two types of needs assessments in continuing pharmacy education; women in pharmacy: results of a Delphi study of pharmacists’ attitudes and beliefs; development of a national drug scheduling process and standards of practice for nonprescription drugs; and consumer behavior in selecting nonprescription cough and cold products.