Picture of  Azita Haddadi

Azita Haddadi Associate Professor

D301.1 Health Science Building


Dr. Haddadi joined the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition in July 2010, following positions as Research Associate at the University of Alberta and Senior Scientist at the Quest PharmaTech Inc. in Edmonton. She arrived in Alberta as a Research Scholar in 2003 and completed a three-year Postdoctoral Fellowship there.

Teaching Responsibilities

Pharmaceutics, Vaccine Delivery, Targeted Nanoparticles

Research Interests

Dr. Haddadi’s research program focuses on overcoming the ongoing challenges in cancer therapy. The main emphasis of this research is to develop new biomedical and pharmaceutical nanotechnology strategies to achieve the critical issues in cancer chemo-immunotherapy. Her research activities are in the following areas:

  • Formulation and characterization of polymeric nanomaterials and protein therapeutics
  • siRNA/Oligonucletide delivery in cancer treatment
  • Targeted delivery systems for pharmaceutical applications (topical, iv. or sc. administration)
  • Receptor-mediated nanoparticles for vaccine delivery
  • Receptor-based tumor targeting for chemotherapy

Recent Publications

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