Staff Spotlight: Erling Madsen

Erling came to the University of Saskatchewan and the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition in November 2010 as a storekeeper/technician. He previously worked and enjoyed 35 years in the recreation business indulging in his hobbies of motorcycles, ATVs, and boating.

He was the Senior District Parts & Service Manager for Suzuki Canada Inc. This “work” allowed him to hone his skills as a journeyman technician and provided him the skills to operate parts/service departments in an efficient and profitable manner. His most passionate hobby was riding motorcycles, so with Suzuki providing motorcycles and encouraging him to visit dealers across Canada, he could work, play and travel to all areas in Canada and the United States. He would say to himself every morning “ I cannot believe they actually pay me to do this”.

The college allowed him to incorporate  changes  to the supply centre that improved on inventory, ordering, billing and overall usage by the college and their researchers. These changes were brought over to Health Science Supply Centre (HSSC) when the college moved  over to the Health Science Building. HSSC has grown tremendously in the past three years, due in large part to his skilled and dedicated staff. Not only do they assist the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, but also the other colleges, various departments, and researchers that are in the Health Science Building and labs.

Erling and his wife Bonnie enjoy an active lifestyle, although scaled back a little from the snowmobiling, waterskiing,  and cottage lifestyle in previous years. They now  spend their leisure time golfing, cycling, visiting family and friends, or just enjoying the back deck of their townhouse. 

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