Dr. Jonathan Dimmock

Dimmock receives 2017 USRA Continuing Contribution Award

Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Dimmock on receiving a 2017 University of Saskatchewan Retirees Association Continuing Contribution Award.

He was presented with the award at the USRA Awards Banquet on Monday, September 25.

The USRA created this award in early 2016 to recognize and express appreciation to persons who have retired from academic, scholarly, extension or administrative work at the University, but have continued to make research, scholarly, artistic or service contributions at an exceptional level. Such contributions may not have been recognized by international, national, provincial or local bodies, but have substantially benefitted the university and society.

From Dr. Dimmock’s awardee profile:

“Dr. Dimmock retired over 15 years ago, and continues to work full‐ time on medicinal chemistry research, with emphasis on design, syntheses and bio-evaluations of anticancer drugs. His work is supported by major grants, including from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Funding of over $1.4M has enabled the training of postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, PhD and MSc students. Of special note are the excellent collaborations he has established with colleagues in Texas, Japan, Belgium and the National Cancer Institute, USA. In addition, studies of anti‐malarial properties of his research group's compounds have been undertaken by the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Looking back on his 35 years prior to ‘retirement,’ Dr. Dimmock had an outstanding research and teaching career, publishing widely, providing first-class mentorship to graduate trainees, and receiving the USSU Teaching Excellence Award. In 2001, he was awarded the honour of Doctor of Science from the University of London.”

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