23rd Annual Life and Health Science Research Day award winners

Congratulations to the award winners

College of Pharmacy and Nutrition students were very successful at the 23rd Annual Life & Health Science Research Day. We are pleased to announce the following award winners:

Paul Pown Raj Iyyanar, Pharmacy PhD
Supervisor: Adil Nazarali
1st Place – Cell Biology
Hoxa2 inhibits mesenchymal cell proliferation and osteoblast differentiation in the developing palate by regulating Bmp signaling

Allison Cammer, Nutrition PhD
Supervisors:  Debra Morgan, Susan Whiting
2nd Place – Community Health
Nutrition care practices for residents with dementia in urban and rural long-term care: Perspectives of Care Aides 

Merlin Thangaraj, Pharmacy PhD
Supervisor:  Adil Nazarali
2nd Place – Genetics and Molecular Biology
The role of Sirt2 gene in myelination and in the EAE mouse model of multiple sclerosis

Mays Al-Dulaymi, Pharmacy PhD
Supervisors: Ildiko Badea, Anas El-Aneed
2nd Place – Sturctural Chemistry, Biochemistry & Nano Structure
Peptide-Modified Gemini Surfactants as Non-Viral Gene Delivery Vectors: Structure Activity Relationship

Getahun Ersino Lombamo, Nutrition PhD
Supervisors:  Carol Henry, Gordon Zello
3rd Place – Community Health
Child Stunting and Maternal Undernutrition in Two Rural Ethiopian Communities Five Years after the Initiation of the National Nutrition Program

We would also like to congratulate the other students who presented posters this year:

  • Kholud Algabbas (Pharmacy MSc, Supervisor: Ed Krol)
  • Reem Alomari (Nutrition MSc, Supervisor: Susan Whiting)
  • Kiday Girmay (Nutrition PhD, Supervisor: Susan Whiting, Carol Henry)
  • Sheik Tasnim Jahan (Pharmacy PhD, Supervisor: Azita Haddadi)
  • Maryam Kazemi (Nutrition PhD, Supervisor: Gord Zello, Donna Chizen)
  • Angie Li (Nutrition MSc, Supervisor: Phyllis Paterson)
  • Munawar Mohammed (Pharmacy MSc, Supervisor: Ellen Wassan)
  • Waleed Mohammed-Saeid (Pharmacy PhD, Supervisor: Anas El-Aneed, Ildiko Badea) 
  • Pedram Rafiei (Pharmacy PhD, Supervisor: Azita Haddadi)
  • Meghanne Rieder (Pharmacy Undergraduate, Supervisors: Ellen Wasan, Kishor Wasan)

The excellent poster presentations from all of our participants allowed student research in the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition to truly stand out this year.  Thank you to everyone who took part.

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