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$1.7M awarded by Health Canada for USask pilot project

Funded by Health Canada’s Substance Use and Addictions Program, USask pharmacy researchers Drs. Derek Jorgenson and Katelyn Halpape will lead a team to implement and test a new pharmacist-led interprofessional model for chronic pain management.

CSHP Awards

Congratulations to Dr. Holly Mansell, Nicola Rosaasen (BSP '92) and their team on receiving an award at the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists PPC Awards Ceremony.

Indigenous Achievement Week

Congratulations to nutrition student Chelsea Lussier on receiving the Leadership Award for the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition at the Indigenous Student Achievement Awards on Thursday, February 6.

More College News

On Bell Let’s Talk Day, our students released a video to share their mental health stories as well as provide advice from their experiences. Watch the video.


On Tuesdays, March 3, Jennifer Fabe (BScNutr '97, MSc '01) from McMaster Children's Hospital spoke to the NUTR 420 students on two topics: “Therapeutic ketogenic diet for treating medically refractory epilepsy” and “Should the ketogenic diet be used for weight loss and lifestyle?”

In addition to her own practice as a Clinical Dietitian, Jennifer is a leader in the Ketogenic Diet field through training and mentoring, publishing, ketogenic software development, and speaking at scientific conferences and educational events for the families of children with epilepsy.   

Faculty and Staff News

Dr. Jaris Swidrovich presented a webinar on Thursday, January 23 about how to have productive intercultural conversations with your patients that honour Indigenous approaches to health and wellness for the Canadian Pharmacists Association. 

Dr. Kishor Wasan’s research on the development of an oral amphotericin B therapy to treat Leishmaniasis was highlighted by the Canadian Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases as part of World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day on Thursday, January 30.

In the media

Eat Well Saskatchewan's Carrie Lambden and Brooke Bulloch (BScNutr '09) spoke to CTV Saskatoon on Monday, January 6 about the keto diet. Watch the video.

In the Friday, January 13 On Campus News, Dr. Jaris Swidrovich discussed how he has been working to share his findings and recommendations with colleagues and to implement new Indigenization initiatives in the classroom. Read more.

medSask drug info consultant Kelly Kizlyk was on Global Saskatoon Morning News to talk about strokes on Tuesday, February 11. Watch the video. 

Dr. Kate Dadachova and her team’s work on fungus and radiation was featured by multiple news organizations in February. Read more on Fox News and The New York Post.

Dr. Kishor Wasan wrote an article on pharmacy research for better patient care for the Toronto Star’s Empowering Canadian Pharmacy campaign. Read more.

Alumni News

Stephen Kripps (Cert. Pharmacy '46) was profiled by the Vancouver Courier News on Friday, January 10 as he approaches his 100th birthday after a long career as a pharmacist. Read more.

Brooke Bulloch (BScNutr '09) was on Global Saskatoon Morning News on Tuesday, January 28 to talk about the five key aromatics to use in cooking. Watch the video.

Kierra FineDay (BSP '18) was part of a webinar on Indigenous Peoples of Canada's Mental Health on Wednesday, January 29.

Research and Graduate Studies

Trainee Success

Program Update

Congratulations to Dr. Lina Al-Sakran, who earned her PhD in Pharmacy (supervisor: Dr. Charity Evans) in January. She was featured as a Trainee Spotlight in February. Read more.

We welcome postdoctoral fellows Dr. Khrisha Alphonsus, who is working with Dr. Jessica Lieffers, and Dr. Parth Chandrakant Patel, who is working with Dr. Ellen Wasan.

College Awards

The following graduate students recently received awards from the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition:

Alf Pepper Research Award
Mary Fraser, Pharmacy MSc (Supervisor: Dr. Charity Evans)

Betty Corrine Riddell and W. Murray Riddell Postgraduate Pharmacy Award
Mary Fraser, Pharmacy MSc (Supervisor: Dr. Charity Evans)

Dr. Ed Knaus Graduate Scholarship in Pharmaceutical Research
Amir Khajavinia, Pharmacy MSc (Supervisor: Dr. Azita Haddadi)

Elizabeth Helen McLeod Scholarship (shared)
Lina Al-Kharabsheh, Nutrition MSc (Supervisor: Dr. Hassan Vatanparast)
Sarah Crawford, Nutrition MSc (Supervisor: Dr. Carol Henry)

FJ Fear Scholarship
Jaline Broqueza, Pharmacy MSc (Supervisors: Drs. Kate Dadachova and Maruti Uppalapati)

Ford Postrgraduate Scholarship
Sarah Fatani, Pharmacy PhD (Supervisors: Drs. Anas El-Aneed and Marcel D’Eon)

Gordon McKay Graduate Student Travel Award in Analytical Chemistry
Stephanie Vuong, Pharmacy MSc (Supervisors: Dr. Jane Alcorn and Andrew Lyon)

Mary Isabel Irwin Scholarship
Mojtaba Shafiee, Nutrition PhD (Supervisor: Dr. Hassan Vatanparast)

Ramsey Postgraduate Fellowship
Kelly Kizlyk, Pharmacy MSc (Supervisor: Dr. Kerry Mansell)

Trainee Presentations and Awards

PhD student Jennifer Chami (supervisors: Drs. Jane Alcorn and S. Fowler) will present her poster Cannabidiol in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Assessment of Current use in Saskatchewan and Phase 1 Dose Escalation Study at the 2020 CoMRAD Symposium in Saskatoon on March 16, 2020.

Congratulations to postdoctoral fellow Dr. Khrisha Alphonsus, who was the recipient of a Saskatchewan Centre for Patient-Oriented Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Matching Funding Award.

Research Funding

Robert Laprairie was awarded a CIHR Project Grant for Development of Novel Type 1 Cannabinoid Receptor Positive Allosteric Modulators for Infantile Spasms.

Charity Evans is a co-applicant on a successful CIHR Project Grant for Understanding and Optimizing Opioid Use in Long Term Care (Co-PIs Maxwell and Bronskill, UofWaterloo).

Hassan Vatanparast and Sylvia Abonyi (Community Health and Epidemiology) with co-applicant Sarah Oosman (Rehabilitation Science) were awarded a SHRF Collaborative Innovation Development Grant for Promoting wellness through oral and nutritional health of older Métis adults in a northern Saskatchewan Métis community.

Hassan Vatanparast, Carol Henry and colleagues were awarded a Queen Elizabeth Scholars grant from Universities Canada for Strengthening capacity to tackle non-communicable disease in the Caribbean.

Jim Fang and colleagues received approval for the CLS project Biopolymer and Nutrition Compositional Probing of Saskatoon Berries and Seeds.

Recent Publications

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