Spotlight on Dr. Holly Mansell

Dr. Holly Mansell leads a project to improve patient education before kidney transplantation and post-transplant adherence.



Holly Mansell is an assistant professor of Pharmacy. She maintains a practice site at the Saskatchewan Transplant Program in Saskatoon as a clinical pharmacist, working with an interdisciplinary team. She teaches undergraduate pharmacy students in the area of pharmacotherapeutics.


Dr. Mansell’s research program centers around solid organ transplantation and issues related to pharmacy practice. Within the field of transplantation, she is the Chair of the Canadian Society of Transplantation, Pharmacist’s Group. Her research interests include adverse effects of immunosuppression, medication adherence, patient education, and patient-oriented research. She is currently leading a project to improve education before kidney transplantation, and investigate the impact on post-transplant adherence. Within the area of pharmacy practice she is involved in a variety of research initiatives, most recently in the areas of nephrology and respirology.

Selected Publications

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