Important Notice

Information on this page is meant to provide students with general information about student loans. Please note that the EL Office does not have a role in assessing, obtaining, or advising on tuition and student loans.

Students are encouraged to inquire with Student Central with questions. Diane Favreau, Administrative Officer, Undergraduate Affairs may also be able to answer questions about implications of program/course registration on tuition and loans.

General Information

Tuition and fees are assessed by the University of Saskatchewan. General information about tuition rates, payment, and adjustments can be found on the University's website. Students can also find personal information about their own tuition in the Tuition and Fees PAWS channel.

General information about loans can also be found on the University's website.

Applying for Loans for EL Rotations

Government of Saskatchewan Loans

Once students are informed of the dates for their upcoming EL rotations, those who wish to apply for Government of Saskatchewan student loans must apply on-line.

Students must choose the dates that correspond to the course section they will be registering in for their rotation(s).

Bank Loans and Lines of Credit

Students should talk to their financial institution to ensure their loan or line of credit will apply to EL rotations that occur outside of Fall and Winter terms.

Documentation to support obtaining and maintaining a loan (e.g., confirmation of enrollment) should be available in PAWS.

Practicum/Internship Financial Assistance

Students receiving Canada-Saskatchewan Integrated Student Loans may be eligible for additional financial assistance to support their EL placement. If a student must commute to their EL site, they should complete and submit the Practicum/Internship Information.

The form must be submitted at least 45 calendar days prior to the period of study end date so students are advised to submit this form along with their loan application.

Crisis Financial Aid

Crisis Financial Aid is designed to help students through an unexpected, temporary financial crisis. By definition, a student's experiences are considered unexpected if he or she did not know that the situation was coming and could not have planned for it. 


Any questions regarding student loans should be directed to Student Central. Students can call (306) 966-1212 or book an appointment online. Students can also submit an inquiry form online. There are no in-person drop-in options available.