Site Requirements

The College of Pharmacy and Nutrition recruits sites and preceptors that meet standards and criteria in order to offer diverse, high quality placements. To ensure all students have a positive and enriching learning experience, selection and quality assurance is of the utmost importance in the EL program.

Therefore, the practice site must:

  • have a formalized affiliation or contractual agreement in place between the University and practice site that outlines the authority, privileges, obligations and responsibilities of the College and the practice site.
  • meet relevant regulatory requirements (i.e. meets requirements for licensure and is in good standing with the provincial regulatory authority).
  • exhibit a culture of student engagement: the preceptor and an adequate number of support staff demonstrate a commitment to education and provide a positive working environment.
  • ensure students are provided access to patients and facilities, support, and practice tools at the level necessary to achieve intended educational outcomes and expected patient care service deliverables.
  • have appropriate amenities to support student learning.
  • have adequate space and access to appropriate technology (e.g., library resources, computer, internet) for student participation in practice duties.

Furthermore, the practice site must offer:

  • an adequate patient population with a variety of healthcare service needs of adequate intensity, breadth, depth, structure, and duration to enable pharmacy students to achieve educational outcomes and competencies.
  • a suitable model(s) of supervision at each stage of the practice experience curriculum so that students have adequate oversight, coordination, guidance, instruction, assessment, and feedback. Qualified preceptors oversee all practice experiences.
  • experiences that integrate, reinforce, and advance the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values developed through the other components of the professional program, including collaboration and teamwork.
  • intra- and/or inter-professional care/collaborative practice opportunities.
Practice site criteria are derived from: Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs. Accreditation standards for Canadian educational programs leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)Published June 2023.