Preceptor Library Benefits

The University of Saskatchewan Library provides access to online resources through license agreements with multiple publishers and vendors. The terms of these agreements include limiting access to these resources to our authorized users. Preceptors, critical to the experiential education of our students, need access to current literature to perform their duties.

As a preceptor benefit, library access is granted to preceptors through the EL Office.

Library Services for USask Preceptors

Preceptors working with USask students have access to USask library resources for the duration of active precepting. Expiry date of library services is based on precepting date(s) and will coincide with end of the academic term.

The USask Library will provide preceptors with the following library services and resources:

Access to all electronic resources (databases, electronic journals and Data Library Services Data files) licensed by the University of Saskatchewan Library
150 item limit for borrowing physical library materials
50 item HOLD limit
Extended loan
$30.00 fine limit
Free access to Interlibrary Loan

Requesting Library Access for Preceptors

The EL Office will contact the library for preceptor access. The library is able to provide preceptors library access for the academic term in which their preceptorship takes place. The library is able to provide access over two terms should the preceptor be actively precepting in consecutive academic terms.

Preceptors should not reach out to the library directly for access. If a preceptor does not have library access and believes they should, they should contact the EL Office, and the EL Office will contact the library on behalf of the preceptor.


The Saskatchewan Health Information Resources Program (SHIRP) is a program of the USask Library. It licenses a sub-set of the library's e-resources for access by Saskatchewan's licensed health care practitioners, post-secondary institution students and employees, and employees of the Ministry of Health and designated health related organizations.

All health care professionals and pharmacy students in Saskatchewan have access to SHIRP.