Student Experiences

Hear what our students have had to say about their learning experiences at the MAC!

Volunteering with the MAC helped me build upon skills that are complementary to the core pharmacy curriculum, including patient interview techniques, clinical acumen, and proper charting and documentation. Not only were those experiences a great asset for OSCE and PEBC preparation, they continue to help me grow and develop as a clinical pharmacist even today. Thank you to the MAC team!” 

– Hishaam Bhimji, BSP

 “The MAC was my best exposure to complex medication management as a student. It was highly valuable conversing with patients who had multiple disease states and being able to hear their perspectives and what was important to them. It was an absolute privilege having Eric as a mentor while discussing medication optimization and goals of therapy after each patient interaction. I left the MAC with so much more than I came with and would strongly recommend volunteering to any pharmacy student!”

– Avery Deichert BSP

"On my last OSCE ever, I got a perfect score on communication. I'm sure it's because of my experience at the MAC.

– Behshad Vatanparast, BSP

"... I got the third place in Patient Interview Competition at PDW. I would not be able to do this without my involvement in MAC.I am happy to see that time spent in MAC is well worth it. I have to say that I need to give the biggest credit to MAC for what I have achieved today.

– Lin Wang, BSP