Refer a Patient to MAC or MAC iOPS

Print and Fax Referrals

Please select the appropriate referral form by clicking on the form below. The file will open in a new window for download and/or print. Once completed, please fax to (306) 966-6656 with any additional clinical information relevant to the referral.

MAC Referral Form

MAC iOPS Referral Form

Online Referrals

You can also submit a referral to MAC or MAC iOPS online using the links below. Any private health information you enter is protected by HIPPA privacy laws. If you have any questions, please call (306) 966-5829.

Due to COVID-19, we will NOT be requiring a urine drug screen and/or MSK and neurological exam to be completed in order to process a MAC iOPS referral. It is still recommended and very much appreciated if you can include these pieces with your referral.

NOTE: MAC iOPS is not able to work with patients who are actively receiving health care services for a WCB or SGI claim. Once the claimant has completed his/her treatment sponsored by WCB or SGI, they can begin the MAC iOPS intake process. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.