Due to COVID-19, we will NOT be requiring a urine drug screen and/or MSK and neurological exam to be completed in order to process a MAC iOPS referral.

Also, please note: MAC iOPS is not able to work with patients who are actively receiving health care services for a WCB or SGI claim. Once the claimant has completed his/her treatment sponsored by WCB or SGI, they can begin the MAC iOPS intake process. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Referral Process

Do you have a patient to refer to us? Please select the appropriate referral form to begin the process and fax the completed form to (306)966-6656

MAC referral form 

MAC iOPS referral form

Alternatively, you can also submit a referral to MAC or MAC iOPS (links below) directly through our website and the referral will come directly to us. Any private health information you enter is protected by HIPPA privacy laws. If you have any questions, please call (306) 966-5829: 


Who should I refer to MAC?

  • Patients taking 5 of more medications (including OTCs and natural products)
  • Patients who are new to your care with a complex history
  • Anyone experiencing potential drug related adverse effects
  • Patients with multiple drug related questions
  • Patients with chronic diseases (DM, HTN, chronic pain, etc.)
  • Patients who have insomnia and/or would like to taper off of their sleeping pills
  • Anyone that you think would benefit from talking to a MAC pharmacist
  • Patients who would benefit from a joint-appointment with a pharmacist and a registered dietician.

Who should I refer to MAC iOPS?

Any Saskatchewan resident with chronic non-cancer pain and/or takes prescriptions opioids regularly.

What if my practice is outside of Saskatoon?

You can still refer patients to our clinic if your practice is outside of Saskatoon. While the majority of assessments are done in person, we also conduct virtual consults using secure web-based video conferencing technology or telephone for patients that are unable to come to the MAC or MAC iOPS.