Nominations for SPNSS elections will be open in February 2022. 
If you are running or considering running for a position, please see the attached Elections Information Form
Also attached are the nomination forms for both Round One and Round Two positions; there are also printed copies of these nomination forms available in the SPNSS lounge. 
One of the Co-Presidents need to sign your nomination form before you are an eligible candidate - please send one of them a message and they will gladly meet with you!
If you are wanting to find out more about a position, the best way to learn is asking the current position holder. You can also click here to find out who's holding the position you want as well as its description OR you can click here to view the SPNSS Constitution for a description of the position.

Important Dates

Please be mindful of the election deadlines as well - Round One position nominations must be in by TBAmandatory speeches for Round One will take place on TBA.
Round Two position nominations must be in by TBA. If applicable, Round Two speeches will take place on TBA.. 
Elections will occur online TBA.

Need more?

Not really sure who we are or what we do? Learn more about us here!
We look forward to welcoming our new council members for the coming academic year!