Pharmacy Perspectives: Providing Safer Spaces (podcast)

Listen and learn with 'Pharmacy Perspective: Providing Safe Spaces', a limited podcast series exploring what culturally safe spaces look and sound like in the pharmacy environment. Join our dynamic trio– a compassionate pharmacist and two dedicated technicians, as they connect with leading experts, activists, and individuals who have lived through exceptional experiences.

These thought-provoking interviews question existing pharmacy practices and investigate ways to help create safer spaces and promote stronger bonds between pharmacy professionals and their communities. Connect these conversations with your own practice environment by using the tools, resources, and strategies discussed by our experts, and by using our guided self-refection questions in the associated course. 

Course Details

Target audience: the podcast and course are targetted at health care professionals, but contain strategies, tools, and take-aways that are valuable for all professions. 

Registration: Free (via funding from the Government of Canada’s Emergency Treatment Fund)
Registering for the course provides you with reflection questions, video clips of the podcast, and resources curated for you by our guests. 

This podcast and course were developed in collaboration with USask Continuing Pharmacy Education (USask CPE) and the Alberta College of Pharmacy. The podcast is available on all major podcast platforms. Search ‘Pharmacy Perspectives’ on your favorite podcast platform and sign up for the course below!

Podcast Episodes

  • Affirming Ways People Self-Identify: An in-depth exploration of what supports gender- and sexually-diverse patients to feel safe in a pharmacy environment and how to ensure 2SLGBTQIA+ people feel respected and understood. 
  • Indigenous Wellness and Trauma-Informed Care: An open and honest conversation about Indigenous perceptions and experiences in the healthcare system and how to engage Indigenous patients using principles of trauma-informed care. 
  • Stigma and Harm-Reduction: A discussion with a physician, HIV pharmacist, and an addictions counsellor (who is also a person with lived experience) about how people who use drugs may feel stigmatized, preventing them from seeking care and how to create environments where they can feel safe and respected. 
  • Diversity and Inclusion: An examination of how cultural differences can inform how services are provided in the pharmacy and strategies for approaching important conversations while honoring and appreciating these differences.