Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA) Medications and the Pharmaceutical Information Program (PIP)

Medications dispensed by the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (SCA) will now be captured in the PIP/eHealth Viewer and be on display by all who access PIP/ eHealth Viewer. This webinar covers details of what pharmacy staff can expect to see with this change and their professional responsibilities when viewing medications used to treat cancer. The webinar will be available live and registrants will be provided with a recording after the event.

Target Audience: All Saskatchewan pharmacy staff

Presenter: Alex Martinson, BSP, ACPR, Provincial Manager Oncology Drugs Programs, Access and Analytics, Saskatchewan Cancer Agency

Date/Registration: There are two times available for the live session. All registrants will receive a recording. Please Register in Advance for this webinar.

CPDPP Accreditation: 1.5 CEUs

Registration Fee: Free

Learning Objectives

This presentation will allow participants to:

  1. Describe SCA pharmacy professional roles when a patient is prescribed a cancer treatment medication.
  2. Explain the “5 Ws” (why, who, where, when and what) of SCA medications that will be captured on PIP/ eHealth Viewer.
  3. Outline the specific information regarding cancer treatment medications that will be available on PIP/eHealth Viewer.
  4. Summarize how to incorporate cancer treatment medications now viewed on PIP/eHealth Viewer into practice and how to support patients undergoing cancer treatments.
  5. Identify quality oncology resources and how to access them.

Additional Resources

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