Gordon Zello is a professor of Nutrition. He teaches Advanced Nutrition and Nutritional Assessment at the undergraduate level and maintains an active graduate training program. Dr. Zello is a member of the Drug Discovery and Development Research Group and an associate member of the College of Kinesiology. He is involved in a number of professional organizations including the Canadian Obesity Network and Canadian Nutrition Society.


Dr. Zello has an active research program in both basic and applied nutrition. His fields of specialization are intermediary metabolism and nutritional assessment. Research interests include the measurement of body composition, energy expenditure, metabolism, athletic performance, and nutrient requirements in healthy and clinical populations. Recent work with children and their caregivers has included examining knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs towards dairy and lentil consumption in Saskatoon. Dr. Zello has a particular interest in investigating the health benefits of pulses and promoting pulses as part of the Canadian diet and abroad such as in Ethiopia and Bangladesh. He has published more than 80 scientific articles and review papers and has given over 100 conference presentations.

Recent Publicatons

  • Roba AC, Gabriel-Micheal K, Zello GA, Jaffe J, Whiting SJ, Henry CJ. (2015) A low pulse food intake may contribute to the poor nutritional status and low dietary intakes of adolescent girls in rural southern Ethiopia. Ecol Food Nutr. 54(3):240-54.
  • Henry C, Whiting SJ, Phillips T, Finch SL, Zello GA, Vatanparast H. (2015) Impact of the removal of chocolate milk from school milk programs for children in Saskatoon, Canada. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab. 40(3):245-50.
  • Melaku YA, Sahle BW, Tesfay FH, Bezabih AM, Aregay A, Abera SF, Abreha L, Zello GA. (2014) Causes of death among adults in northern Ethiopia: evidence from verbal autopsy data in health and demographic surveillance system. PLoS One. 9(9):e106781.
  • Langlois I, Planché A, Boysen SR, Abeysekara S, Zello GA. (2014) Blood concentrations of D- and L-lactate in healthy rabbits. J Small Anim Pract. 55(9):451-6.
  • Candow DG, Zello GA, Ling B, Farthing JP, Chilibeck PD, McLeod K, Harris J, Johnson S. (2014) Comparison of creatine supplementation before versus after supervised resistance training in healthy older adults. Res Sports Med. 22(1):61-74.
  • Salmean YA, Zello GA, Dahl WJ. (2013) Foods with added fiber improve stool frequency in individuals with chronic kidney disease with no impact on appetite or overall quality of life. BMC Res Notes. 5;6:510.