February 14, 2023: Updates to preceptor training and development and preceptor training requirements will be coming in Spring 2023. Stay tuned for communications from the EL Office.

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To align with the Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs (CCAPP) Accreditation Standards, professional development and training is offered to all preceptors.  More information about training opportunities can be found in the Preceptor Handbook and the CORE Document Library.

SCPP Supervision of Pharmacy Interns Policy
(Link to SCPP Reference Manual. Search "supervision" to find the most up to date policy.)

Available Training

The professional development and training completed by preceptors should be a program, course, or reading topic that is relevant to the teaching and assessment of pharmacy students in EL rotations.

Live Preceptor Training Sessions

Assessment and Evaluation Workshop | April 2023

All preceptors of PharmD students on rotation from May - September 2023 are encouraged to attend one of these online sessions.

Documenting Preceptor Training & Development

Preceptors are responsible for maintaining a record of their preceptor training accomplishments by using the Declaration of Preceptor Training form, which can be filled and submitted in the My Requirements tab of CORE ELMS.

Professional development opportunities do not have to be accredited to fulfill the requirements of preceptor training. Feel free to use the SCPP/CPDPP Learning Project Record (LPR) sheets to support evidence of learning, and/or include other relevant support material with your LPR Sheet, such as attendance certificates, program brochures, notes, bibliographies, journal citations, and reference lists for both accredited and non-accredited activities.