Pharmacy Round Up

Each week Associate Professor Jason Perepelkin prepares a summary of news articles pertaining to the practice of pharmacy in Canada and beyond, with a particular focus on social, administrative and managerial pharmacy issues.  Most of the articles in the summary appear on his Twitter @RxInterestGroup

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NOTE: In no way does the inclusion or exclusion of articles mean that Dr. Perepelkin supports or doesn’t support the articles presented, or the views presented in the stories; they are simply a snapshot of issues in pharmacy in Canada and beyond.
Practice Change & News
The Value of Board-Certified Psychiatric Pharmacists
International Developments
BBC programme will investigate 'workload pressure' at Boots Native American tribes sue opioid manufacturers, distributors

New training in Australia to improve communication with patients about their pain

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education
‘This is totally unnecessary’: Calls grow for tighter control of acetaminophen
Your prescription drugs are about to become less safe if Health Canada has its way
Ontario's new youth pharmacare program 'just another hurdle' for some parents
Why millions of uninsured, eligible Canadians aren't using public drug plans

Alberta college says doctors helped create opioid crisis and must help solve it

Medication News

So That's Why You Feel Sick After Taking Vitamins
FDA warns against giving kids cough and cold medicines with codeine or hydrocodone

New study on abortion pill shows high success, low rate of complications

University of Saskatchewan study shows diabetes medication reverses drug resistant breast cancer

Anonymous donor gives $100M to Canada's largest mental health hospital

How Pharmacists Can Protect Kids From Dangerous Medications
Naloxone nasal spray being tested to treat gambling addiction
Are Community Pharmacists an Untapped Resource in Fighting Antifungal Resistance?
Pharmacies facing shortage of hepatitis A vaccine
Middle-aged can reverse heart risk with exercise, study suggests
Automation Drives New Role for Hospital Pharmacists
Coffee enema touted on Paltrow's website slammed as bogus, potentially harmful
Portuguese doctors back marijuana medicine as bill enters parliament

The flu vaccine isn't perfect — but that doesn't mean you should skip the shot

He was 21 and fit. He tried to push through the flu — and it killed him.

Legal pot won't slow market for medical marijuana: advocate

Practice Change & News

A bigger role for pharmacists; from bioterror attacks to the opioid epidemic, pharmacists are in a great place to help

International Developments

New training for pharmacist delivery of sleep apnoea services in Australia

Pharmacy Is Dead; the CVS/Aetna deal won’t kill traditional pharmacy—it just shows that it’s already dead

Drug industry group sues to stop California drug price law

GPs directing patients away from your flu service? Here’s what to say

US Medicaid Expansions Mean New Roles for Pharmacists

New Pharmacy Guild of Australia website provides wealth of information for consumers

While Walgreens Has A Higher Impression Score, More Consumers Are Talking About CVS

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education

Pharmacy distribution of medical cannabis could be enabled by C-45

Health Canada to beef up safety warning on prescription opioid labels

Lovell Drugs signs supply deal for medicinal cannabis

'Already hurting enough': Pain patient challenges plan to tax medical marijuana

The other big drug problem: Older people taking too many pills

CanniMed asks Canadian regulators to intervene in hostile Aurora bid

No patented-drug spending crisis in Canada, concludes CHPI

Medication News

Short-staffed and no support for rural pharmacies offering methadone

Immunotherapy drugs changing the outlook for many terminal cancer patients

Huntington’s breakthrough may stop disease

WHO Report Finds No Public Health Risks Or Abuse Potential For CBD


Integrating Pharmacists into Medical Homes Significantly Improves Outcomes

Smartphone pedometers underestimate steps but still valuable: UBC study

Pharmacists Are Best Suited to Prevent Medication Errors in the Emergency Department

Shoppers Drug Mart names new president

Paying mothers incentivises breastfeeding, study finds

Mom of daughter with severe autism says cannabis therapy is 'heaven sent'

Family doctors should learn to treat addiction: scientist

Fentanyl test strips could lead to false sense of security, Health Canada warns

Music therapy may help ease depression

Canada's public health care system relies an awful lot on private money

Cannabis ingredient holds promise as antipsychotic medicine

Haemophilia A trial results 'mind-blowing'

Practice Change & News

Canada's pharmacists call for full population drug coverage, enhanced care

International Developments

Tapping into wellbeing boosted our profits by £5k in a month

Remove constraints on pharmacy competition in Australia

DEA targets pharmacies trafficking opioids; operation Faux Pharmacy resulted in over half a million drugs seized

NHS England scraps homeopathy and 6 more treatments from prescriptions

Australian student survey highlights hospital pharmacy interest, remuneration concerns

Australian watchdog takes GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis units to court

FDA approves diabetes drug that also helps with weight loss

Community Council for Australia CEO David Crosbie has queried the Pharmacy Guild’s influence over politicians and likened it to the alcohol industry or the NRA

CVS-Aetna deal to change how big employers buy health benefits

Walgreens To Invest $416 Million In Chinese Pharmacy Chain

Red tape reform to boost pharmacist vaccinations in South Australia

Venezuela's chronic shortages give rise to 'medical flea markets'

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education

Saskatchewan 2nd highest province for fentanyl prescriptions

Calgary pharmacist charged with stealing 33,000 pills was suspended for similar incidents decade ago

Stopping Opioid Addiction At One Key Source: The Hospital

Brand name drug sales soar in Canada, while R&D sags

Somebody please explain why Ottawa is taxing medical cannabis

Federal Consultations on Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) moves New Framework Closer for Canadians

Ottawa elementary schools next in line for naloxone kits

Considering transparency and value for fairer drug prices
Over 4 Million Canadians do not take advantage of prescription drug plans available to them
Pharmacare remains on target for 2020, says Liberal MP

Medication News
Broken or too-small birth control pills reported to Health Canada
CanniMed enters medical cannabis supply agreement with PharmaChoice
Roche drug cocktail doubles chance of holding lung cancer at bay

Aphria lands deal to supply medical marijuana to Shoppers Drug Mart

Small risk of breast cancer seen with hormone contraceptives
GSK's Shingrix proven effective in immune-compromised patient populations
Sage shares surge as depression drug succeeds in mid-stage trial
Your 'gluten sensitivity' might not have anything to do with gluten

McKesson Canada announces the acquisition of

Warfarin Linked to Lower Cancer Risk

Flu cases showing up early suggests bad season ahead: experts

When All is Said and Done, Do Pharmacists Like Immunizing?

Prescription video games help children with ADHD in trial

New tests may offer faster, more accurate detection of Lyme disease: researchers

Pot meds for pets? Vets want clinical trials

Time to curb our appetite for ultra-processed food

How Pharmacists Are Helping Hep C Patients

Mother of 2 dies just one day after flu diagnosis

Medication Management in Schools: Pharmacist Involvement Can Improve Outcomes

What makes some parents fall for anti-vaccine messaging

New medical implant could replace prescription pills for some chronic pain sufferers

Practice Change & News

Test your DNA at a pharmacy? Now you can; MyDNA program will allow pharmacists to determine which medications will work best for patients

International Developments

Founder of Germany's failed Schlecker drugstore convicted, children jailed

Veterans help spur use of medical pot for PTSD in the US

As Health Care Changes, Insurers, Hospitals and Drugstores Team Up

CVS to Show Real-time Medication Costs

Helping Australian pharmacists identify principles and pathways for pain management

Euthanasia Law Passes in Australia for First Time

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education

Federal government proposes changes designed to drop cost of patented drugs in Canada

Indivior drug to fight opioid addiction approved by U.S. FDA

Medication News

Migraine therapy that cut attacks hailed as 'huge deal'

Medical Cannabis Company Takes Aim at the Opioid Epidemic with New Research Programs


HPV vaccine is safe, effective after 10 years: study

What the WHO Essentials List Means for Mental Health

Complementary medicine use doesn’t cause vaccine refusal – but it is correlated, researchers have found

New research raises questions about vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy

Are You a Pharmacist and a Mom?

Sugar industry suppressed health effects study 50 years ago – where do we go from here?

Facebook to expand artificial intelligence to help prevent suicide 

Nearly half of U.S. cancer deaths blamed on unhealthy behavior

New Recognition for Chronic Fatigue

'Institutional betrayal' in the health-care system can leave patients traumatized: new research

First-of-a-kind test for cancer gene profiling approved in U.S.

Want to know if you have an irregular heartbeat? Apple has an app for that

Pharmacists: Advise Patients with Arthritis to Stay Active

Trend toward self-management fuels growth of diabetes device sales 

Many drivers ignore or don’t receive warnings about prescription meds

Practice Change & News

Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan CEO, Dawn Martin discusses naloxone and overdoses becoming more prevalent

Pharmacists disappointed with proposed cannabis regulations, concerned with impact to medical cannabis patients 

International Developments

"Pharmacist prescribing - we need more of that!"

Two studies presented at the Australian drug and alcohol conference have examined the barriers to pharmacists providing naloxone

Canadian drug company under fire in U.K. after raising drug price 6,000%

Training for pharmacy assistants to support pain management in Australia

Amazon should buy Rite Aid so it can start selling drugs

Euthanasia legislation passed in Australian state of Victoria

Teva Pharmaceutical set for major layoffs in Israel, U.S.: report

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education

CPhA launches medical cannabis resources to support pharmacists, enhance patient care

Mental health association urging all public venues to stock naloxone kits

B.C. to reimburse methadone patients for taking clinic fees off welfare cheques

This popular painkiller is surging in Canada, and one doctor is sounding the alarm

Medication costs driving seniors to food banks

'Unexplained losses' of opioids on the rise in Canadian hospitals

Medication News

This is what the future of male birth control looks like


Cancer survivors can get post-traumatic stress disorder, study says

Research finds flu shot lowers hospitalization risk for children

Grey Matters: Health-care costs could rise unless food packaging changes

Six Things Pharmacists and Patients Should Question

PhD student makes ground-breaking discovery that may prevent spread of cancer

Lab-Grown Mini Organs Could Speed Up Drug Discovery

Parents can help minimize children's pain from vaccinations, study says 

The anti-vaccine movement's influence may be waning

Many People Don't Seem To Know That Taking Prescription Drugs Could Impair Their Driving

British Columbian North Shore school districts introduce mental health classes

Problem Solving Buffers The Brain Against Anxiety, Suggests New Study

Avatar therapy 'reduces power of schizophrenia voices'

Practice Change & News

Shoppers Drug Mart issues job posting for medical marijuana brand manager 

Why is pharmacy so hard to understand? 

Pharmacists and pot? Absolutely! 

International Developments

FDA warns against using kratom for opioid addiction

Hy-Vee brings telepharmacy locations to 2 Iowa communities

Supporting Australian community pharmacy to manage changes from codeine upscheduling 

Michigan Pharmacists Association, MedCerts partner to certify pharmacy technicians

An overwhelming majority of Australian pharmacists go to work while sick 

Patent expirations in the US promise opportunities for generics makers

Ownership laws must be enforced in Australia

Australian Aboriginal health service pharmacist committee holds inaugural meeting

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education

Canadian R&D-to-Sales Ratio for Brand-Name Drug Companies Less than Half of 10% Commitment

'Canada needs a better approach:' Health groups want alternatives to opioids

Fewer prescriptions for strong antibiotics written on P.E.I.

Availability of naloxone in Canadian pharmacies: a population-based survey 

Potential harms of green tea extract prompts Health Canada response

Liberals say they'll back prescription heroin, drug checking services to fight opioid crisis

Newly available drug secobarbital could boost number of self-administered assisted deaths in Canada

Medication News

U.S. approves digital pill that tracks when patients take it

HPV Vaccine Found to Prevent Rare Respiratory Disease


'How do you put a price on somebody's life?': Student needs $750K to treat rare disorder

Becoming a CDE Can Help Make a Difference

New tool could let patients contribute to doctors' notes

Ottawa’s plan to slap a new tax on medical cannabis sparks outrage 

Tech pioneers: pharmacists in technology and software development

Empowering Patients to Take Charge of Their Health

Doctor who survived pancreatic cancer shares symptoms to look for

The Role of the Pharmacist in Heart Failure Management

Quebec grants health minister power to impose duties on doctors

Lovell Drugs enlists Maricann to supply medicinal cannabis

Physicians may be biased against research from poor nations

Practice Change & News

University of Saskatchewan professor to study marijuana as medicine

Saskatchewan pharmacists adopt program to report drug dispensing errors

Pharmacies as primary healthcare hubs

International Developments

Boots (UK) increases mental health support after pharmacist suicide

Chemist Warehouse, in Australia, is the greatest on the planet, says co-founder

Why Every Pharmacist Should Care About the CVS/Aetna Deal

Savings through pharmacists' dispensing

All Scottish pharmacists set to prescribe antibiotics for UTIs

Walgreens donating vouchers for flu shots

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education

Health Canada eases restrictions on abortion pill Mifegymiso

Drug costs rising fast in Canadian health-care spending, report finds

Ontario centre to research uses and effectiveness of medicinal marijuana

Cracking Down on Opioids Hurts People With Chronic Pain

Equal access to abortion means Mifegymiso's cost must be covered in all provinces

Medication News

Pain relievers worked as well as opioids in ER patients

Many parents still believe cough and cold symptoms should be treated with antibiotics


Edmonton student diagnosed with diphtheria, city's first case in a decade

Workplace mental health training could cut sick leave costs

Pharmasave spotlights pharmacists’ diabetes expertise

Canada, China partner on project using apps, texts to treat mental health

Half of providers tie diabetes treatment success to managing patient's emotions

Facts not enough to change minds about health myths

Japanese Company Offers Extra Days Off to Workers Who Don’t Smoke

Shoppers Optimum and PC Plus programs merging

Benefits in pharmacy walking groups

Flu vaccine vital for yourself and those around you: pharmacist

IUDs linked to reduced risk of cervical cancer

Promoting Drug Safety During Breastfeeding

Mobile drug-comparison app rolled out for Canadian consumers

Practice Change & News

Let pharmacists treat minor ills to expand access to primary care

International Developments

New report reveals potential savings of over $1 billion to the Australian economy, if just a few prescription meds were switched to non-script status

An Indiana county just halted a lifesaving needle exchange program, citing the Bible 

Community pharmacy key to sustainable health system in Australia

Walgreens to shutter 600 stores by next spring as part of Rite Aid purchase

CVS Caremark unveils performance-based Rx network

Pharmacists Busted for Prying into Prince’s Medical Records

Ownership laws review in Western Australia

Amazon gains wholesale pharmacy licenses in many U.S. states

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education

Why side-effects may seem worse for high-priced drugs

How drug companies make you buy more medicine than you need

Canada’s national e-prescribing service gains momentum

Alberta hands out 31,000 naloxone kits that have halted well over 2,000 overdoses

U.S. drug company founder charged with bribing doctors to prescribe addictive opioid

Canada’s provincial and territorial health ministers secure federal support to study universal pharmacare

Data as an effective tool to boost medication adherence

Replacing pharmacists with robots isn't the answer to better productivity

Minnesota's measles outbreak is what happens when anti-vaxxers target immigrants

Massachusetts pharmacist linked to deadly meningitis outbreak cleared of murder

Newfoundland and Labrador pharmacists want pay for giving flu shots, predict 'nasty season'

Federal Minister of Health tables the 2016 Annual Report of the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board

Pharmacists critical to prescribing process

Medication News

Anti-stroke drugs also protect against dementia: study

Patients need rest, not antibiotics, say health officials

New hope for pulmonary hypertension thanks to old drug

Typhoid vaccine set to have 'huge impact'


Soothing with sound: ancient therapy used to treat anxiety, depression

Abbott launches the first and only smartphone compatible insertable cardiac monitor in the U.S.

Lawyers who excel in their work more likely to suffer depression: study

Ontario makes it illegal to protest outside and near abortion clinics

Announcing Mental Health Difference Makers from Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Edmonton man’s death from walnut allergy prompts calls for better access to life-saving treatment

Albertans among Canada's biggest users of medicinal marijuana, Health Canada says

Why Do We Need Separate Chicken-Pox and Shingles Vaccines?

Depression leads to shorter lifespan: Canadian study

Practice Change & News

Ontario pharmacists prepare for opioid task force

International Developments

DEA responds to explosive "60 Minutes" report about opioid crisis

Pharmacy Community Reacts to 60 Minutes/Washington Post Investigation

UK patient reports GP surgery diverting flu patients from local pharmacy 

The Future of Independent Pharmacy in the US

Mental health scripts, patients in the millions in Australia

McKesson (US) bolsters support of pharmacy ownership

Pharmacists Sentenced in Prescription Drug Smuggling, Pill Mill Scheme

US senate hearing scrutinizes prescription drug costs

US Community Pharmacy Has Broadened Scope of Services

Queensland, Australia pharmacy academics have assisted a Courier-Mail investigation into homeopathic medicines for kids – which turned out to be made from sugar

Second gene therapy treatment for blood cancer wins US FDA approval

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education

UBC researchers pull paper linking vaccine component to autism after data alleged to be manipulated

B.C. must remove the barriers to access the abortion pill

Ten Years of Bad Policy Deepened Fentanyl Crisis, Says Canadian Senator

Prescription limits driving some patients to street drugs 

Alberta says Health Canada approves safe injection sites in Edmonton, Lethbridge

Why side-effects may seem worse for high-priced drugs

'Illegal' payments for prescription opioids under review, says Ontario health minister

Medication News

We risk losing antibiotics as medicine


Researchers find link between lack of sleep and gestational diabetes

Oral HPV affects more men than women in the U.S.

Evolving Your Pharmacy Practice in an Era of Great Change

Respiratory Research Centre launched at University of Saskatchewan

Rural B.C. needs injectable treatment in OD crisis fight, pharmacists say

ISMP Issues Alert, Urges Pharmacist Intervention

Collaborative Approach Urged for Veterinarians, Pharmacists

Is Canadian health care choosing wisely?

Consumers aiming to improve pet health

Practice Change & News

Value of pharmacist-delivered vaccinations

International Developments

Pharmacists have been reminded that the Pharmacy Board of Australia Code of Conduct applies to all online activity—including public forums and closed groups

China to allow some drugs based on foreign approvals

California governor signs drug pricing transparency law

Strategies already underway to tackle pharmacist stress in Australia

Chicago moves closer to easing pharmacist workload

Meet Elijaah Goins, Ohio State special-teams star and CVS pharmacy technician

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education

US drug chains tumble on reports Amazon eyeing their pie

Ottawa's new pharmacare plan will deny you important medicines and cost you more

Manslaughter charges against alleged fentanyl dealers mount across Canada

Pfizer weighs $15 billion sale of consumer healthcare business

Doctor acquitted in opioid case involving thousands of pills

GlaxoSmithKline's shingles vaccine gets approval in Canada

Medication News

With no morphine, 25 million die in pain each year: report

Time to stop over-prescribing antipsychotics to adults with developmental disabilities


World Mental Health Day Promotes Psychological Wellness at Work

Safe injection sites not in the works for Saskatchewan

Children with ADHD move twice as much when learning, brain tests show

Concussion leads to post-career mental issues

Millennials most likely to have experience with depression

Doctors Get Their Own Second Opinions 

Ottawa returns $10M to Quebec after user-fee spat, but vows to uphold health act

Practice Change & News

Flu study shows pharmacists increased coverage

Patients signing pre-commitment improves medicines adherence

Pharmacists: Valuable Assets in Managing Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Pharmasave clinical trial targets diabetes

International Developments

Rite Aid kicks off Pharmacy Champions program

Australian Chemist Warehouse among worries for pharmacists in New Zealand

UK pharmacists 'failing to use clinical skills to progress profession'

Walgreens adds almost 1,000 medication disposal kiosks into stores

CVS simplifies patient Rxs with ScriptPath

Hurricane Damage in Puerto Rico Leads to Fears of Drug Shortages Nationwide

Detroit-area mom jailed for ignoring deal to vaccinate son

7-month suspension for Northern Ireland pharmacist whose dispensing error led to death

Walgreens turns spotlight on pharmacists’ dedication

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education

Blacked-out information reveals secret world of drug prices

U.S. court reverses ban on sale of Regeneron, Sanofi cholesterol drug

Medication News

When will researchers deliver on male contraception?


Ontario to spend $72.6M over 3 years on psychotherapy

Toronto bars, music venues begin stocking naloxone kits in face of opioid crisis

Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada Announces Appointment of VP, Public Affairs

There’s a DNA test that can determine which antidepressants are right for you

Nutritious food harder to access in Indigenous communities, study finds

METRO INC. to acquire The Jean Coutu Group (PJC) Inc. for $4.5 billion

Patients Want to Interact with Their Pharmacists on Social Media

Meditation may help prevent heart disease, doctors say

Dianne Carmichael appointed as President of Payor Markets and Head of Corporate Strategy & Business Development for McKesson Canada

My wife had a baby, and I started thinking about suicide. A psychiatrist’s diagnosis surprised me.

The plague is spreading rapidly in Madagascar, which already had highest number of cases worldwide

Cystic fibrosis scientists discover abnormal response to lung infections

'You're trying to solve a drug problem with another drug': Vaccines for cocaine, heroin and opioid addictions

Practice Change & News

Alberta College of Pharmacists wins appeal, inducement ban to be reinstated

Nova Scotia pharmacies now offering free naloxone kits for opioid overdoses

International Developments

FDA Rejects Abuse-Deterrent OxyContin

Why University of Maryland-Baltimore Pharmacy School Cancelled Marijuana Classes

FDA approves first blood sugar monitor without finger prick

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education

A more detailed pharmacy invoice starting in Quebec

Ontario to require disclosure of drug companies' payments to doctors

Watchdog says universal pharmacare would cost Ottawa $19B

FDA Shuts Down Fake Pharmacies; worldwide operation shuts down hundreds of illegal websites

Washington state sues OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma

Birth defect risks of sodium valproate 'known 40 years ago'

Medication News

Alexion Pharmaceuticals ordered to lower price of Soliris in Canada

Heart disease patients who quit their daily Aspirin are at risk of heart attack, stroke: study

Ontario Pharmacies Propose New Solution in the Fight Against Opioid Epidemic

Eli Lilly wins U.S. approval for breast cancer drug


Alexandra King named first Cameco chair in Indigenous health

Health minister says Canadians need to avoid judging those addicted to opioids

Could Canadian pharmacies be the new gatekeepers for medical marijuana?

Psychedelic drug therapies hold great promise, need more research funding: scientists

Saskatchewan First Nations drafts suicide prevention plan

The future is now at Niagara Falls pharmacy

Health Canada to launch new campaign warning youth about risks of cannabis use

Health systems often discriminate against Indigenous patients: Philpott

All moods may be contagious, but experts say depression isn’t

Alberta doctors cost province $3.4B last year, up 9% over previous year

Heart disease patients who quit their daily Aspirin are at risk of heart attack, stroke: study

Nursing homes sign exclusive deal with pot producer

659 students suspended for incomplete immunization records in Windsor, Ont.

Jean Coutu in advanced talks to be acquired by Metro

How does media coverage affect medicine use?

International Developments

US FDA plans new compounding pharmacy policy, agency head says 

Massachusetts pharmacist in deadly meningitis outbreak heading to trial

Why Are Drug Prices So High? We’re Curious, Too

Jeremy Hunt’s Department Looking At ‘Irresponsible’ Plan To Cut Supervision Of Qualified Pharmacists

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education

Ottawa Public Health installs needle, crack pipe vending machines

The global crackdown on parents who refuse vaccines for their kids has begun; countries like Italy and Australia are tired of measles outbreaks — so they're moving to fine anti-vaccine parents

Ontario to cover HIV prevention pill under public health plan

Babies Should Receive HepB Vaccine Immediately After Birth

Quebec schools offer free cancer prevention in grade 4

Medication News

An Australian coroner says Champix had a role in Timothy John’s death, which occurred after only eight days on the drug

Nova Scotia government to make abortion pill available for free at pharmacies


Allergy alert: Why aren’t life saving injectors everywhere in public?

University of Saskatchewan security officers add naloxone kits to tool belts

Saskatchewan Health Authority releases organizational structure, logo

Should Dr. Google screen for depression?

Goop-debunker revels in new attack on Gwyneth Paltrow: 'We don't want the spreading of bunk'

Practice Change & News

Future impact on community pharmacies

Pharmacy tackles opioid addictions, mental illness and health issues among Calgary's homeless

Pharmacy 'essential' in atrial fibrilliation screening

International Developments

Pharmacy Guild of Australia focuses on Mental Health in pharmacies

Execution in Nevada to use powerful opioid fentanyl

How to Protect a Drug Patent? Give it to a Native American Tribe

New professional support tools for all Australian pharmacists

What’s stopping UK pharmacies doing more to reduce pressure on GPs?

Pharmaceutical companies in Australia gave $12m to doctors, nurses and pharmacists

Walgreens, CDC team up on HIV prevention

Robbers bested by sword-wielding pharmacist

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen get £100k funding to improve patient-pharmacist shared decision-making

CVS Unveils New Vending Machines; the new machines will feature of variety of OTC meds and other products

Retail pharmacy again steps to the plate as the South recovers from the latest hurricane

Pharmacy is becoming corporatised across Australia and similar countries, warns Pharmacy Guild of Australia national president

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education

Health Canada moves to ban non-prescription codeine sales

'A misuse of scarce funds': NHS to end prescription of homeopathic remedies

'A broken system': Why workers are fighting mandatory mail-order drug plans

Doctors and pharmacists must step up to help women access abortion pill: Editorial

Pharmacy fees won't be passed on to patients, say Manitoba pharmacists

B.C.’s addictions minister wants to consider decriminalizing drugs

Quebec to offer overdose-reversal drug naloxone free of charge in pharmacies

Medication News

Medical marijuana can reduce opioid use: study

Man taking alternative health supplements diagnosed with cyanide poisoning

U.S. clears first ‘living drug’ in hopes of destroying childhood leukemia

Riboflavin: Evolving Clinical Indications

People who most need prescribed heart disease prevention drugs least likely to get them


Physical health is important while treating mental illness

Have Canadian researchers found a way to reverse pot's harmful effects?

Woman gets free fentanyl overdose kit, saves a life five hours later

Pharmacists help travellers get on their way safely

No link between hormone therapy for menopausal women and death rates: study

Saskatchewan labour leaders are pushing for a universal pharmacare program in the province

Study prompts call to examine flu vaccine and miscarriage

Balancing Act: Dealing with Stress in the Pharmacy

Boston doctor saves professor's life by spotting blood clot symptoms during lecture

Saskatchewan latest province to help protect boys from cancer with HPV vaccine

Is Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop pseudoscience winning?

Overtreatment Is Common, Doctors Say 

Create stand-alone ministry for mental health, addictions, Ontario NDP urges