Pharmacy Round Up

Each week Associate Professor Jason Perepelkin prepares a summary of news articles pertaining to the practice of pharmacy in Canada and beyond, with a particular focus on social, administrative and managerial pharmacy issues.  Most of the articles in the summary appear on his Twitter @RxInterestGroup

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NOTE: In no way does the inclusion or exclusion of articles mean that Dr. Perepelkin supports or doesn’t support the articles presented, or the views presented in the stories; they are simply a snapshot of issues in pharmacy in Canada and beyond.

International Developments

US FDA plans new compounding pharmacy policy, agency head says 

Massachusetts pharmacist in deadly meningitis outbreak heading to trial

Why Are Drug Prices So High? We’re Curious, Too

Jeremy Hunt’s Department Looking At ‘Irresponsible’ Plan To Cut Supervision Of Qualified Pharmacists

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education

Ottawa Public Health installs needle, crack pipe vending machines

The global crackdown on parents who refuse vaccines for their kids has begun; countries like Italy and Australia are tired of measles outbreaks — so they're moving to fine anti-vaccine parents

Ontario to cover HIV prevention pill under public health plan

Babies Should Receive HepB Vaccine Immediately After Birth

Quebec schools offer free cancer prevention in grade 4

Medication News

An Australian coroner says Champix had a role in Timothy John’s death, which occurred after only eight days on the drug

Nova Scotia government to make abortion pill available for free at pharmacies


Allergy alert: Why aren’t life saving injectors everywhere in public?

University of Saskatchewan security officers add naloxone kits to tool belts

Saskatchewan Health Authority releases organizational structure, logo

Should Dr. Google screen for depression?

Goop-debunker revels in new attack on Gwyneth Paltrow: 'We don't want the spreading of bunk'

Practice Change & News

Future impact on community pharmacies

Pharmacy tackles opioid addictions, mental illness and health issues among Calgary's homeless

Pharmacy 'essential' in atrial fibrilliation screening

International Developments

Pharmacy Guild of Australia focuses on Mental Health in pharmacies

Execution in Nevada to use powerful opioid fentanyl

How to Protect a Drug Patent? Give it to a Native American Tribe

New professional support tools for all Australian pharmacists

What’s stopping UK pharmacies doing more to reduce pressure on GPs?

Pharmaceutical companies in Australia gave $12m to doctors, nurses and pharmacists

Walgreens, CDC team up on HIV prevention

Robbers bested by sword-wielding pharmacist

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen get £100k funding to improve patient-pharmacist shared decision-making

CVS Unveils New Vending Machines; the new machines will feature of variety of OTC meds and other products

Retail pharmacy again steps to the plate as the South recovers from the latest hurricane

Pharmacy is becoming corporatised across Australia and similar countries, warns Pharmacy Guild of Australia national president

Regulatory, Policy, Legal, Ethics, and Education

Health Canada moves to ban non-prescription codeine sales

'A misuse of scarce funds': NHS to end prescription of homeopathic remedies

'A broken system': Why workers are fighting mandatory mail-order drug plans

Doctors and pharmacists must step up to help women access abortion pill: Editorial

Pharmacy fees won't be passed on to patients, say Manitoba pharmacists

B.C.’s addictions minister wants to consider decriminalizing drugs

Quebec to offer overdose-reversal drug naloxone free of charge in pharmacies

Medication News

Medical marijuana can reduce opioid use: study

Man taking alternative health supplements diagnosed with cyanide poisoning

U.S. clears first ‘living drug’ in hopes of destroying childhood leukemia

Riboflavin: Evolving Clinical Indications

People who most need prescribed heart disease prevention drugs least likely to get them


Physical health is important while treating mental illness

Have Canadian researchers found a way to reverse pot's harmful effects?

Woman gets free fentanyl overdose kit, saves a life five hours later

Pharmacists help travellers get on their way safely

No link between hormone therapy for menopausal women and death rates: study

Saskatchewan labour leaders are pushing for a universal pharmacare program in the province

Study prompts call to examine flu vaccine and miscarriage

Balancing Act: Dealing with Stress in the Pharmacy

Boston doctor saves professor's life by spotting blood clot symptoms during lecture

Saskatchewan latest province to help protect boys from cancer with HPV vaccine

Is Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop pseudoscience winning?

Overtreatment Is Common, Doctors Say 

Create stand-alone ministry for mental health, addictions, Ontario NDP urges